How to avoid mistakes when choosing bathroom tiles?

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The bathroom is a room that must be practical, but also for relaxation. Therefore, it is worth that it is not only pretty, but also solidly made. The basis of any bathroom are ceramic tiles. This material is resistant to moisture, does not absorb water and does not deteriorate as quickly as, for example, wood, therefore it is tiles that are most often chosen for bathrooms. See how to properly choose bathroom tiles and how to avoid common mistakes.

Take care of safety

Bathroom is a place where water often spills, the floor is wet, and household members usually go there barefoot. A wet foot on slippery tiles is a huge danger. When choosing floor tiles, consider how slippery they are. Definitely steer clear of polished glossy tiles. Not only will they wear off quickly and lose their nice look, but they are also very slippery and can cause a serious accident hazard.

Wall or floor tiles – it matters

It often happens that the pattern of tiles ideal for the floor turns out to be intended for the walls. You may think – no big deal, after all, no one checks it. Yes, there is no penalty for placing wall tiles on the floor and vice versa

But the problem here is the strength of the tile. Wall tiles are much thinner and are not designed to withstand heavy loads such as furniture or the constant strain of human weight. If you choose tiles that aren’t designed for their intended purpose, you’ll likely end up with quick tile breakage and another renovation. You can find a wide range of different ceramic tiles at

Dark colors on a small area

To decorate a bathroom in dark colors, it must be really large. Usually, this room has only several square meters of surface, and dark colors make the space visually smaller. In a small bathroom bet on light tiles, and in dark colors choose accessories, such as towels, soap dish or shelves. Accessories such as bright lamps and large mirrors help to optically enlarge the bathroom and make the room feel less claustrophobic

Small tiles in a large area or large tiles in a small bathroom

Another very common mistake is not matching the size of the tile to the size of the bathroom. In large spaces large tiles work great, while small areas are better covered with small tiles. The change of these proportions can give a comical effect. A room in which the entire wall is covered with 4 tiles does not look very interesting, and in addition, optically it may seem smaller than in reality

Buying too few tiles

It often happens that people, after measuring the surface of walls or floor, where they are going to put tiles, buy exactly as many as it is needed to cover it. On the surface it seems to be a logical thing to do, but when laying tiles, cutting them and fitting them, some of them get damaged, chipped or cracked unexpectedly. Such situations should be anticipated already at the stage of buying tiles and buy them with a slight reserve. It is popularly accepted that you should buy 5-10% more tiles than necessary.

Home renovation is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, but when designing such a difficult place as a bathroom, it requires realistic thinking. A 4 x 4 metre bathroom cannot accommodate too many gadgets and the tiles should be bright and small to optically enlarge the space. When buying tiles, remember about our advice. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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