The perfect white linen cushion for your home

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White linen cushions are the recent trend in home decor. They are made of cotton and have a fabric texture that can include any pattern or texture and work well as throw pillows in any style of room from modern to rustic chic. Even if your room is white, these can help brighten that up. That’s why they are often thought of as being an accessory for the living room and can be put in any room that needs a little extra lighting or just wants to look more relaxing and inviting. So, if you want to add some of them to your home but aren’t sure where they should go, check out these many reasons why you should include these in your everyday home decor.

How to choose your cushion?

What are you looking for in a cushion? From how it feels to how it looks, it may seem that the world of cushions is wide and varied. If you don’t want to get lost in the cushions’ abyss, here are five things to consider before choosing these:

  1. Size

In most cases, if you don’t have a specific purpose for your cushion (extra seating or space beneath a bookshelf), then pick the smaller version of your desired size to save space. Do you like firm or soft cushions? Firm ones last longer but feel stiffer; soft ones can feel squishy but need to be replaced more often. 

  1. Filling type

Many are filled with down, which is softer and lighter but more expensive and will go flat over time. Another common type of filling is foam, which is firmer and heavier but much cheaper to replace when it wears out.

  1. Shape of the back

Some pieces have rounded backs, while others curve at an angle. The shape you choose depends on personal preference, but make sure that whichever shape you choose will work well with other furniture pieces in your house. 

  1. Colour

These come in many colours – from solid tones to patterns or gradients – so take some time and find one that matches the style of your home! 

  1. Price

Naturally, the cost is always an important factor – especially since buying a cushion isn’t something people do every day! Check around online and find stores where prices are competitive and look for sales before making a purchase.

Why should you get white linen cushions for home?

White linen cushions are versatile and can be styled in many different ways. They come in a variety of fabrics and styles that add sophistication to any space and can make a room pop. Here are three great reasons why you should invest in them: 

  1. They reflect light, which helps make a room feel larger. 
  2. They can add texture to space by bringing dimensionality to different walls, carpets, upholstery etc. 
  3. All year round, they offer your decor character without feeling too heavy or thick. 
  4. Depending on the fabric, these will work with just about any style whether it’s traditional, coastal or Bohemian. 
  5. The lighter weight and freshness are a nice way to change things up from heavier materials such as wool, cotton and velvet. 


White linen cushions are the perfect accompaniment to light furnishings and would work well in any room of your home. They’re also really easy to match with your decor, which means that you can have a lot of fun changing up the look of your furniture as time goes on. A white linen cushion might be a piece that you just fall in love with at first sight! It will brighten up any room, instantly transforming it into an inviting space. So, get your hands on them before they get out of stock!

main photo: Bombardieri

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