Cheap and creative ways to store documents

Keeping your documents organized is essential. If you no longer want to search through a stack of documents for an important letter, learn ways to store them creatively

Traditional methods of document storage

Some people store documents on the desk top or in the compartments of a specially prepared cabinet. This is some way to go, but it’s hard to stay organized then. Here are some suggestions for document storage

  • binders – a popular and also used in offices way to store documents. It is advisable to choose models which have numerous partitions. Then it is easy to divide the documents into particular categories. On their backs, you can describe the types of documents contained in a given binder;
  • folders – probably the easiest way to store and protect documents is to close them in folders. You can differentiate them by descriptions and colors;
  • binders – there are different types of binders available on the market to store documents

Digital archiving

Remember that although we are often obliged to keep hard copies of documents, it is a good idea to archive their scans or photos and put them on a portable drive or even better – save them in the cloud.

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