How do I paint a varnish?

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Lampery – for some people a real nuisance, for others a motivation to change the decor. The right choice of paint colors or interesting plain or patterned wallpaper is the key to interesting arrangements, especially in spring. Especially spring time encourages to let your imagination run wild and change a boring arrangement of living room, bedroom or kitchen

Lampery – time for a change

There is nothing better than to let your imagination run wild. Especially when it comes to interior design, which has a huge potential. Appropriately matched elements will surely please the eye. These include the lamination, which is an interesting complement to the interior. This protective cladding is back in favor. It is mostly used to protect lower parts of the wall from dirt or damage. It also has a decorative function.

It is most often seen on corridors or living rooms. It can be made of many materials, the most popular are wood, marble or stucco. There are many ways how to incorporate a wall panel into an interior. One of the most popular methods is painting. It is also both the easiest and the least time consuming. Additionally it is not expensive. The effect itself may be really surprising.

How to paint a wall panel – where to start?

Painting interior decorations is a simple method of obtaining an interesting interior or renewing an old one. Additionally, it is so easy to do that even a person inexperienced in painting can handle it.

The first step is, of course, to choose the color or colors with which you want to paint the lamination. Then you just need to mark a straight line that will divide the wall into two parts – and that’s it. Then you can take a roller and slowly fill in the wall paneling as you wish – and with some good music, painting can become a nice way to spend the day.

Depending on the room, it is worth to play with the arrangement and choose even contrasting combinations. In the living room, a combination of a white top and a dark bottom (navy blue, burgundy, ashen, black) will work well. In the children’s room, an original idea will be a colorful wall panel in a non-standard shape, with stickers of animals or cartoon characters

Cramped corridors, small bedrooms and living rooms will look best if the wall paneling is painted in a pastel shade. Especially since rooms of this type usually get little sunlight. The use of pastels will allow to obtain a calm, but at the same time elegant decor, for example in a classical style. In addition, lamination decorated in the upper or lower edge with a stucco strip or narrow board will add even more chic to any interior

What materials should be used to paint a lamella?

Until recently, oil-based paints were used to protect the walls or to paint the trim. High quality latex or even ceramic paints are becoming more and more popular. These solutions are durable, and in addition resistant to all kinds of dirt and cleaning. What is important, they are also odorless and available in a wide range of colors, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves, creating an unusual arrangement.

An interesting idea is also to finish the lamellas with chalk paint. Especially in the children’s room this solution will work perfectly. Chalk paint is also resistant to dirt, so even wall drawings of children will not be a problem. What is more, it will allow a real vent for the creativity of the toddler. On the market you will find many colors of chalkboard paints – from classic black to light grays, navy blues and whites. It all depends only on our vision and the effect we want to achieve.

Lampery – how to paint?

After choosing the paint and preparing the tools, it’s time to cover the panels and any furniture and other items that might get dirty while painting. Before you start painting lamellas, remember that painting should be performed in optimal conditions, i.e. at a temperature of 10 degrees and humidity of the air below 80%.

Painting is done in two stages – two layers of paint are applied on the lamella at an interval of 24 hours. Use a soft-bristled paintbrush or a sponge (flock) roller to paint the varnish. The fastest way is to use the spray method.

After finishing work, wash the tools with oil-phthalic solvent, universal solvent or aromatic-free gasoline. Painted rooms should be aired until the smell disappears completely – after this time they are ready for use. You can enjoy not only a freshly painted interior but also a refreshed interior

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