Office in a small room – how to arrange a home office in a minimalist living room?

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Working remotely is already an everyday occurrence for many of us. Are you still looking for ideas for home office arrangement? Do not have a separate room and want to arrange a corner to work in the living room? See our suggestions.

Mobile desk with height adjustment

A great way to arrange a home office in your living room is to use a mobile desk. You can use it sitting or standing, depending on the model. When you are working, you can use it freely by putting your laptop on the top and when you have finished your duties, you can hide the mobile desk in a cupboard or in another room.

A desk on a… bookcase?

Do you have a decorative bookcase? Then you can arrange a work surface instead of one of the shelves. This solution guarantees you space saving and when you hide your laptop it still has a decorative function. Remember that at the bottom of such a bookcase there can be no shelves, so that there is room for legs.

In a similar way, you can arrange shelves that fit between one wall and another.

Folding table

Folding tables are often used in the kitchen. They are mounted to the wall, and when the household members want to eat a meal, they pull it out. You can use the same solution in a small living room. All you need to do is find a place on the wall and slide the chair over while you work.

A desk hidden in a closet

In studios and small apartments, there is often a large closet in the living room. There you can organize a place for your home office. All you need to do is to fix a top between one wall and the other.

Corner shelf

In fact, to work you need a comfortable chair and a tabletop where you can put your laptop and small items. If you want to organize a home office in your living room, install a corner shelf. It’s the perfect place to work!

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