Home workshop equipment – what is worth having?

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A home workshop can be organized even in a garage or basement. All you have to do is make good use of the space and arrange every free wall or floor fragment. Check out how to choose the right equipment for your home workshop.

Workbench with proper lighting

The basis of the home workshop is the workspace. This should consist of a long countertop with adequate lighting. It’s difficult to get daylight in a garage or basement, so you need to bet on solid lamps above the work surface. You’ll also need auxiliary lighting, preferably portable, so that light can reach hard-to-reach places during technical work. Adjust the size of the worktop to fit the whole room, and place cabinets under it. They should not be random. It is better to bet on solid materials, quite heavy, so that they are not damaged during work. Right next to the countertop must be located electrical outlets, so that you can easily plug in equipment.

Storage space

It’s a good idea to always have a few things on hand, such as screws and keys. That’s why it’s a good idea to attach special organizers above the countertop. You can use them to arrange accessories, as well as small equipment. An interesting solution are special workbench walls with hooks. You will have everything you need at hand.

If your room allows it, place wooden or metal shelving units. The construction should be sturdy and the shelves should be able to take a lot of weight. For example, the shelves can be mounted on a short wall in the garage. It is a good idea to think about storage right away, e.g. putting special boxes or containers on the shelves. Describe them at once so that you know what is where. If you have a rack in your garage, you can park your car easily and at the same time you will gain storage space. Do you often move your tools and accessories? The mobile tool cart is the perfect solution for transporting tools and accessories from your garage to the outside world.

Start by equipping your home workshop here!

All right, you’ve got your workspace organized and now it’s time to equip your garage with tools and accessories. What will you need to get started? Check out our list:

  • hammers,
  • screwdrivers,
  • wrenches – wrenches, socket wrenches, allen wrenches,
  • pliers and pullers,
  • drill,
  • toolbox,
  • jigsaw,
  • vise,
  • circular saw,
  • angle grinder.
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