How do I care for my mower?

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A well-maintained lawn mower will not only keep your lawn running smoothly, but will also contribute to maintaining a beautiful garden with an evenly trimmed lawn. What should you focus on when maintaining it?

A well-tended lawn cannot exist without a caring owner. However, it probably wouldn’t do so well without the help of the right equipment, such as a lawnmower. To make it last for years and make gardening easier, less tedious and even more enjoyable, you need to take care of its condition. The necessary steps to achieve this are cleaning and proper maintenance. Only then will the machine function efficiently and effectively, and in return you will get a neat and short cut lawn that improves the appearance of the whole environment.

Cleaning the lawnmower

The absolute basis for taking care of your lawn mower is to clean it thoroughly. It is not enough to take care of this once in a while or only at the beginning of the grass cutting season and right after it is over

The key to success here is, above all, regularity. It is advisable to do this task right after you have finished cutting the grass. That way you will get into the habit and stop forgetting about this important chore. It should also be convincing that it’s much easier to remove fresh dirt than those that have been lying around for a long time.

Cleaning your lawn mower is also a good time to inspect it to make sure that all the parts are in place and that there is no damage to the equipment.

Before you start cleaning the mower, remember to unplug it from the power source to keep it as safe as possible during this, but also other maintenance jobs. It is very important to get to the underside of the unit. The petrol lawnmower must not be tilted heavily to the side, as this can cause oil to flood the parts.

Maintaining a petrol lawnmower

People who use a petrol lawnmower will have more tasks than those who own the electric version. Among other things, they need to change the oil and check the condition of the spark plug, which affects the smooth running of the engine. Another important thing is to check the air filter and clean it when necessary.

The beginning and the end of the season

Regular care of your mower during heavy use is very important, but it’s also good to know what to do with it before the season starts and after you’ve put the equipment away for a while.

In the spring, a lot will depend on what action you took at the end of the previous season. If maintenance was neglected, you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise, but done correctly it will make it easier to start using the equipment again. When you fold the mower it’s time to check the oil level, blade attachment and condition.

Before storing the mower for the winter you should focus on a very thorough cleaning. Compressed air and a brush will work well for this. In the case of petrol mowers you will especially have to take care of the already mentioned air filter and the spark plug. In addition, you should make sure that there is no fuel left in the tank, and if so, empty it.


A good solution in connection with the maintenance of the lawnmower is also putting it in the hands of professionals. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, it’s a good idea to have it serviced from time to time. The mechanic can take care, for example, proper sharpening and balancing of the blade. This is important – if the blade is dull, it will cease to be efficient and can destroy the grass.

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