Dream closet – how to make it without additional room?

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Even in interiors with small space it is worth keeping order and tidiness. A well-planned closet will help avoid scattered shoes and piles of clothes in every corner of the apartment. But how to separate it without additional room?

A real closet is a dream of every little girl. A separate shelf for each pair of shoes, a separate part for dresses, shirts and special drawers for underwear. In fact, it is very difficult to find a room free for development, which could become a dressing room. Don’t worry though – there are ways to do it!

What items should a dressing room consist of?

  • a rod for long clothes

Maxi dresses and long coats need the right amount of space – especially for length. In a well-planned closet, it’s worth bearing this in mind and designing space for hanging clothes so that they don’t get tangled up on the floor. The clothes rail for long clothes should be about 180 cm high

  • short clothes rail

In addition to maxi dresses and long coats, there are many items that also need hanging space in the closet. Shirts, skirts and elegant blouses are worth sorting out on hangers to avoid ironing every time you take them out of the closet. A second hanger rail may be placed in the same part of the closet (but mounted at least 50 cm closer to the door), but at a lower level – about 140/150 cm above the ground

  • drawers for folded sweaters and T-shirts

Simple T-shirts, pyjamas and thick sweaters that don’t crumple when folded can be safely stored on shelves. Organize your clothes by weather conditions or seasons – thick sweatshirts and winter sweaters on one shelf, fall and spring long-sleeve T-shirts and thinner sweatshirts on another, and summer and lightweight clothes on a third. As the months go by, you can switch places so that the group of clothes you currently need is in your line of sight

  • a place for shoes

These can be drawers, boxes or special organizers that you can buy at any home improvement store, even popular chain stores. It is important to also divide shoes into groups based on the occasion and season in which they are used

  • lingerie drawers

If you like order, you’re sure to also stack socks in pairs and panties in cubes. Special drawer organizers will help you keep your underwear in order. It’s worth developing a drawer or two specifically for this purpose so that everything is in its place

Method 1 – sliding doors

If you don’t have a separate room in which to plan your closet, take advantage of the conditions of your current interior. Perhaps you can create a one metre wide space along one wall in your bedroom. This selected niche can be fitted with shelves, rods and baskets and then covered with sliding doors. The interior will not be as spacious as in a separate room, but thanks to this solution you will manage to avoid chaos

Method 2 – behind a curtain

You can also separate your closet space with curtains and a curtain rod. A curtain will take up much less space than a sliding door with rails, and at the same time will allow you to hide clothes and the entire structure of the drawers. The only downside to this solution is that such an amount of material is a great breeding ground for dust and mites. We strongly advise against it for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory diseases

Method 3 – industrial and functional

If you have no problem with keeping your clothes and shoes in order, we have another solution for you. It will especially appeal to lovers of loft style and raw materials. On the wall lined with industrial, red brick, plan a closet consisting only of wire baskets and metal pipes, preferably black. The whole can be crowned with glass doors in black frames. Such arrangement is not only functional, but also emphasizes the unique character of the interior

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