Work corner in the living room – how to arrange it?

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More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to arrange a home office. A good solution then is to arrange a work corner in the living room.

Home office in the living room

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to open up to the possibility of working remotely. This form of work is quite popular. Not having to travel to the office is a significant convenience, especially in large cities. This advantage is very often appreciated by people who work remotely.

Where to set up a home office?

However, before you start working remotely, it is worth finding a place at home where you can have the opportunity to work quietly. Not everyone can afford a separate room in which to set up their home office. Those who can’t afford it often set aside a place to work in another room, such as the living room. This solution can, contrary to appearances, be very functional. So how to arrange a work corner in the living room?

What to keep in mind when arranging a work corner in the living room?

Many people are tempted to work in the living room from the level of the couch. This is a short-term solution and very harmful to the spine. A whole day spent with a laptop on your lap is definitely not good for our health. Therefore, if you have to work remotely, arrange a home office.

What do you need to arrange a comfortable place to work in your living room? Free space, of course. Set aside some space, preferably in the corner of the room, it does not have to be a large area, 4-5 square meters will be enough for you. If possible, set aside a space by a wall with a window – the daylight coming through it will be beneficial to your eyesight. In addition, when working at the computer, it is good to take short breaks, take your eyes off the monitor and look into the distance – the changing view outside the window will add variety to this activity.

What to set in the working corner in the living room?

To be able to work in comfort, you need to properly equip your home office. You will, of course, need a desk and a comfortable chair. A laptop stand and a mouse pad will also come in handy. And don’t forget to equip yourself with office supplies – a notepad, pens, highlighters, paper clips and a binder are useful in almost any office. Also be sure to add a laptop and printer to your list of essentials. Remember that if you work under a contract of employment, computer equipment and office supplies should be provided by your employer.

How to soundproof the work corner in the living room?

The living room is the place where family life takes place. If you also work in the afternoons, it is likely that the conversations of other household members will distract you from your work. It’s therefore a good idea to soundproof and screen your workspace in the living room. The ideal solution will be to set up an acoustic screen, which will not only slightly dampen the noises coming from the other part of the living room, but also cover your desk – the household members moving around the apartment will not distract you from your work. The offer of acoustic screens is very wide – you are sure to find a model that will match the decor of your living room.

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