Types of cooker hoods

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Faced with choosing a cooker hood, but don’t know much about it? Don’t worry! Here are the main types of cooker hoods!

A must-have cooker hood!

It absorbs and neutralizes odors, and protects your furniture where grease and moisture would otherwise accumulate. It’s also a life-saver for allergy sufferers and a guardian of the whole family’s health. Kitchen hood, although popular in our country more or less since the nineties, today is a real must-have in any modern kitchen. Most people simply cannot imagine this room without it – and rightly so. Kitchen hoods differ mainly in terms of how they are installed and where they are located. Learn about the main types of cooker hoods and choose the best one for you.

Wall-mounted cooker hood

As the name suggests, this type of hood is mounted directly to the wall above the cooktop. This is a very popular type of hood, both in Poland and other countries. We divide them into: diagonal, standard, round, rectangular and rustic. 

Island hood

This type of hood is also very popular, especially since the island appears in many modern kitchen designs, especially in the case of detached houses. If you like your kitchen stylish and on-trend, then an island hood could be a great option for you.

Built-in hoods

If you don’t like having all your appliances on top of each other, you might be interested in a built-in cooker hood. This is a hood which is installed in a cupboard. It can be divided into two types: built-in, which is a cabinet hood, and telescopic, which is a drawer hood. This is a great option for small spaces in particular. If your kitchen is a space that needs a little more space, you should consider a built-in cooker hood.

Ceiling hood

This is a suspended ceiling hood that’s perfect for modern spaces. Interestingly, they also have a lighting function, so the uninitiated may not be able to tell the difference between such a hood and a stylish lamp. We have to admit, it’s a very ingenious solution!

Table top hood

Here we are dealing with another model that is practically invisible, so it is the perfect solution for minimalists. The only visible sign that you have a countertop hood in your kitchen will be the strip placed on the surface of the countertop. They are increasingly seen in exclusive interiors, as you have to reckon with a slightly higher expense here. 

Corner hood

Equipment mounted in the corner of the room, it can be modern or retro style. 

Hood as an element of the interior

It must be admitted that the choice of the right hood is of great importance, not only for its functionality, but also for aesthetics. So it’s no wonder that manufacturers offer a variety of solutions, which are often designed to blend into the design or be a decoration of the kitchen. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

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