What kind of hanging pots work best on a balcony?

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On the balcony you can successfully create a delightful garden space, where it will be pleasant to relax. All you need is to take care of the right accessories, such as pots, and, of course, plants.

Increasingly, pots serve not only a practical function, but also a decorative one. Hanging models are great on the balcony, where space is limited, because they do not take up space on the floor or shelves. It is best to plant in them flowers with spreading stems, which look very impressive in such a setting. The species of plants depends on whether they will ultimately be located outside or inside the apartment. On the balcony in hanging pots it is worth displaying geraniums, ferns, fuchsias, surfinias, petunias or ivies.

Types of hanging pots

Hanging pots can be divided according to the method of installation. What types do we have to choose from?

Pots mounted to the ceiling

Pots hanging on a chain or string are some of the most popular. Before buying, let’s look at the mounting and make sure that the pot will hold the weight of the chosen plant and soil. Let’s also pay attention to the quality of the chain or string on which the pot will hang. The most durable are metal chains, and the most impressive are braided macramé cords in white, beige or gray, which refer to the boho style.

Pots attached to the balustrade

Thanks to the attached hooks, this type of pots can be hung on the balustrade, but also on a decorative ladder or even a fence. They usually have an oblong form and act as a casing for an ordinary pot. Their installation does not require drilling, it is enough to simply hang them.

Wall-mounted pots

Wall-mounted pots have been conquering Polish balconies and gardens relatively recently. They take the form of plastic pockets that are mounted on the wall, so they are a great way to save space, especially for small balconies. You can even decorate an entire wall with such pots and plant small, fast-growing flowers in them.

Pots in the form of hanging baskets

These are pots that imitate wicker baskets. They are usually made of technorattan. They are characterized by high weather resistance and high durability. They emphasize balcony arrangements in boho and rustic styles.

What materials are used to make hanging pots?

Hanging pots, which we want to place on the balcony, should be made of materials that are durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions. Which ones are worth paying attention to?

  • Earthenware and ceramic pots – extremely visually attractive, their appearance refers to nature, but also to classical art, elegant in form. Their disadvantage may be the high risk of damage;
  • Wooden pots – another model that refers to nature and blends well with traditional, vintage and rustic styles. They often serve as decorative covers;
  • steel or metal flower pots – they will find a great place in modern spaces. Such materials are very durable and resistant;
  • polypropylene pots – are one of the best choices for a balcony, as they are characterized by resistance against cracks and splinters. Importantly, they insulate plant roots from high and low temperatures;
  • plastic pots – the most popular due to their low price and wide choice of colors. By texture they can imitate wicker, stone, etc. They are lightweight, so you can easily carry them.

main photo: pixabay.com/BARBARA808

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