How to add a classic touch to your interior?

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Timeless classics always look good. So why not introduce it to your interior? With the right colors, well-chosen materials and elegant accessories, you can give your apartment a new character

Wall and floor colors

Different shades of beige or gray will look best on the walls of a classic or glamour style room. These are timeless colors, which will add class to your interior. The cream color will work especially well in small spaces, because light colors will optically enlarge it. If the area is quite large, you can also choose dark colors, such as graphite, navy blue or even maroon, which will introduce an interesting, slightly sensual atmosphere. You can also opt for wallpaper. The best choice will be those imitating fabrics. This is a solution, which will look elegant if you put wallpaper only on one wall. In classic interiors, stucco will also work well, which you can decorate the wall with. When it comes to flooring colors, it is best to go for real wood – for example, dark oak or classic parquet. When choosing the shade of laminate, make sure it does not contrast too much with the color of the furniture.

Furniture in classic style

If you want to give your interior a classic character, then the best solution when it comes to furniture, will be to choose those in vintage style. In this case, you should completely abandon furniture minimalism and opt for furniture with soul. For example, wooden furniture in natural brown color will be perfect. With shades, however, you can go crazy, choosing a sofa or armchairs. They can become an interesting focal point of color in your living room. Choose sofas and armchairs that will catch the eye, but at the same time will not be too flashy, for example navy blue, emerald or delicate shades of red. Classic interiors will look great with sofas made of velvet fabric, which gives a very elegant and refined character. If you want to feel even more exquisite, you can also opt for a chaise longue, which will be a great decoration of the living room or a sophisticated addition to the bedroom


An extremely important element in interior design is also the choice of appropriate lighting. It can not only optically enlarge the space, but also introduce a cozy atmosphere – after all, despite many classical elements, your house is not a museum. Large chandeliers, gently diffusing the light in the evening, will look good. Remember also about wall lamps, which will be a perfect source of a not too strong light, for example when you want to spend an evening with a book. Choose ones with decorative bulbs to emphasize the character of the decor


The key element of a traditional style interior decor is of course the accessories. They give the final shape and can definitely change the character of the room. In interiors in classical style, heavy curtains, fringed pillows and, of course, paintings will look great. The more art that appears on the walls, the better. You can also put candles and decorations such as various types of figurines. Potted flowers are also a good idea to liven up the interior. The best are the large ones standing on the ground such as monstera, dracaena or philodendron.

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