What and how to seal the windows?

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Heat is escaping from your house and the bills keep growing? The reason for this is probably the leaky windows. Check the reliable ways to seal the windows, which will prevent the cooling of the house. 

Leaky windows – what are the causes?

Window leakage is a problem faced by owners of both plastic and wooden units. Usually it’s easy to notice because, standing by a leaky window, you’re likely to feel an unpleasant chill. Besides, homeowners will quickly realize that the windows are leaky – by the amount of heating bills. Due to such a situation even 30-40% of heat may escape from the interior. In the case of new windows – the “culprit” of such a situation can be incorrect installation, but when it comes to systems that we have in our house for many years, the passage of time causes that seals are already worn out. What are the ways to seal the windows?

Window gaskets

The most popular way is, of course, to reach for window seals. Importantly, you must remember to thoroughly clean the areas where you will be installing them before using them, as the seal will only stick well to a smooth and clean surface. This method is simple and does not require a great deal of experience in the subject, which is why it is often recommended to laymen. If you don’t know what gasket to choose, take a look at the warranty card of the windows or the contract concluded with the installation company. There you will find this information. 

Sealing tape for windows

Another recommended method is to reach for sealing tape for windows. Here, however, we’re dealing with a bit more of a challenge, as you’ll need to find the specific source of the leak before installing the tape, as well as choose the type of product accordingly.

What deters many people from this method is the fact that the installation of sealing tape requires the removal of windows. This is because we first have to glue the insulating material where the frame and the wall meet. Again, as with the gasket, you must also thoroughly clean the areas where you will be installing the material. After reinstalling the window, you should also remember to fill in the gaps with polyurethane foam.

Silicone for sealing windows

Are you struggling with small gaps through which heat escapes? Silicone – this is probably the product you need. In the wide assortment of DIY stores you will find various silicones, among which you can certainly choose something for yourself. For small gaps in plastic windows you can use silicone for PVC surfaces. On the other hand, neutral silicone is perfect for cavities in concrete or plaster. If you are not sure which product you should use, your store’s consultant will surely be able to advise you.

main photo: unsplash.com/Nathan FertigHire

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