Simple ways to decorate your kitchen on the cheap

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Wondering what to do to reduce the cost of kitchen decorating? You’ve come to the right place! In our article we will present some proven patents for cheap decorating.

Kitchen – how to decorate it and not go bankrupt?

Decorating a kitchen is no small challenge! It is important to conveniently plan the arrangement of furniture and household appliances, but also to properly choose decorations that will give it a homely character. If you want to spend a certain inexpensive amount on all this, then you need to resort to some proven ways to decorate the kitchen cheaply. See what you can do.

Tiles on the floor, paint on the wall

Decorating a kitchen starts with finishing the floor and walls. This stage can be very expensive if you bet on expensive materials. That’s why before you start choosing a wooden mosaic for the floor or tempered glass for the wall, consider whether you really need them. Perhaps cheaper options will also meet your expectations. 

Although a wooden floor is extremely elegant, consider laying ceramic tiles instead. It’s a cheaper solution (cheaper in terms of the cost of the material itself, but also in terms of labor), and much more practical! The kitchen floor is prone to damage, as often something falls and spills, which in the case of a wooden floor can be problematic (dents, warping of soggy wood). With tiles on the floor, this ceases to be a problem.

We can also save a lot if we reduce the amount of tiles and tempered glass on the wall to the necessary minimum. Especially the latter option can be very expensive, so giving it up allows us to achieve real savings. So what to put on the kitchen wall? Latex paint, which can be successfully washed off in case of dirt. Tiles on the wall should be limited only to the dirtiest places (such as next to the sink, cooktop or worktop).

Where to buy cheap furniture for the kitchen?

You can find cheap kitchen furniture at home furnishing stores (e.g. Ikea, Black Red White, Castorama). Custom-made furniture is usually more expensive than that bought from a chain store. If you are not compelled to buy kitchen furniture quickly, it is worth waiting for the changing assortment in chain stores.

Sale kitchen furniture is a great idea – stores then significantly reduce the price of furniture from the previous season. The furniture is still full-priced, but it is not from the latest offer. A big advantage of buying furniture from a chain is also support at the design stage. IKEA, for example, offers the support of a designer (also online) or, for more determined customers, a free tool for self-design of the kitchen.

Cheap household appliances

Are you terrified by the cost of buying essential household appliances? Then consider taking advantage of the outlet offers of popular stores that deal in household appliances. You can easily find stores where post-sale products are much cheaper and, most importantly, any defects are reliably stated. It may turn out, for example, that in the outlet you will find a dishwasher cheaper by several hundred zlotys, and its only flaw is a scratch on the side wall, which in your kitchen will be adjacent to the cabinet anyway, so it will be invisible.

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