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Regardless of whether we undertake the arrangement of living room, bedroom or bathroom, very important are properly selected accessories and additions. It might seem that they are only a complement to the interior, but in fact they often decide about its functionality and appearance.

There is no need to convince anyone that properly selected, consistent accessories for bathrooms are the best way to achieve the desired look of the bathroom and emphasize the style that best suits our preferences.

The market offers accessories for bathrooms of various nature, so creating a perfect arrangement should not be a big problem. However, it is worth paying a little more attention to the workmanship of the products we are going to buy. Currently, JOOP! products are very popular among customers around the world. They are a great solution for modern bathrooms with modern minimalism as a theme.

Unusual soap dishes by Joop!

If you want to emphasise the elegant character of your washbasin, you should certainly choose JOOP! soap dishes from the Crystal Line series. The products are made of high quality polyresin which ensures that the soap dish looks impeccable for many years. They are available in three universal color variants: white, black and anthracite. Also noteworthy is the use of a strainer in the base, which guarantees a proper outlet for moisture. Without a doubt, products from this line are bathroom accessories with unique aesthetics that will enrich any modern bathroom.

Relaxing bath in the tub? Choose a JOOP!

No doubt, for many of us a relaxing bath in the bathtub is a ritual that allows us to relax and forget about the hardships of everyday life. If you already have the necessary accessories for the bath and know what water temperature is best for you, you have to reach for the JOOP!

These are universal bathroom accessories which can be used practically in every bathtub. The cushion not only provides a high level of comfort during long baths, but also looks great as a beautiful decorative element of the bathroom. The product is available in black and white.

Protection of mirrors and shower enclosures

Everyday use of the shower cubicle or washbasin can contribute to the formation of unsightly dirt and stains. If you want to maintain the pristine nature of your mirrors and shower enclosures, invest in the reliable JOOP!

It is a product of the Chromline line, which will prove indispensable while cleaning the bathroom. Thanks to its solid construction, comfortable use, and high efficiency, JOOP! wipers are unrivalled.

Check out other JOOP!

You will find a wide range of stylish bathroom accessories of the JOOP! brand in the JMB Design store. Due to many available product categories, you can easily arrange your bathroom according to your expectations. The offer includes such bathroom accessories as mirrors, baskets, vanity cases, dispensers, toilet brushes, and many other elements necessary for a complete bathroom furnishing. Regardless of which product you choose, you will surely receive an elegant, carefully made accessory that will delight you with its functionality and perfect fit to your interior.

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