How to furnish a studio apartment?

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Furnishing an apartment can be a difficult task in itself, let alone when your home consists of one room and one bathroom. We suggest how to furnish a one-room apartment in order not to go crazy.

Where to start?

The answer is simple: by making a plan. Always, but always before getting down to furnishing should first prepare a general concept of the entire decor. Remember to measure all walls and distances between furniture correctly. You do not want to end up with a new bookcase that is 3 cm too long in the wrong place.

Dividing the space

To separate the bedroom from the kitchen, use a screen or open bookcase. A particularly popular choice is the ikea Kallax, which is great as a room divider with extra book storage due to its dimensions and stability.

Choose a folding bed

We always encourage you to make the most of your space when organising it. This rule will work especially well for studios, which are not characterized by a lot of space.

Beds often take up too much space in relation to the rest of the house. This can be a nuisance, especially when we have to sacrifice other spaces for them, such as a relaxation area or a separate work corner. Therefore, when buying a bed it is always worth prioritizing such models which are multifunctional, i.e. suitable for both sleeping and sitting. The best example is Meblar upholstered furniture, which includes sofa beds and sofa beds.

What about the kitchen?

Kitchen in a studio should match our bedroom. So we do not have too much room for manoeuvre when decorating it, because the rest of the house sets the general aesthetics. Try to keep the whole apartment in the same style or, if this is for some reason impossible, at least follow one predetermined color palette.

To gain as much space as possible to store things, choose kitchen furniture that allows you to do so. This includes all kinds of cabinets with multiple compartments, dish racks, and tables with built-in drawers. By hiding all the unnecessary junk from the sight of others, your apartment will seem bigger and tidier.

I’m running out of room for something! What now?

Your apartment plan is finished and you’ve only just realised that the desk is completely out of your head? Worse: you can’t arrange your studio apartment to fit an extra piece of furniture anyway? Don’t panic. There are many types of furniture that you can use in more than one way. If you choose a wide enough dining table, you can easily use it as a work desk at any time. Attaching it with its longer edge to a kitchen cabinet will also allow you to use its surface as an extra counter while cooking.

You can also always equip yourself with a bunk bed or plan to build a mezzanine, which will allow you to use your bedroom space for something else.

What material? Wood!

When you’re trying to furnish an apartment at the lowest possible cost, choosing the right material is very important. Provided that you are not trying to decorate your home in mid-century or industrial style, plastic dining chairs will lose artificiality. Therefore, beware of furniture made of plastic.

Wood is a classic choice when decorating a home. Even the cheapest spruce can look better than plastic or unskillfully used metal. Of course, we want to get a good quality product for a low price, so our editors recommend Meblar wooden furniture.

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