How to renovate an apartment cheaply?

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It seems that renovating an apartment involves weeks of work, a huge mess, nerves and even more expenses. It does not have to be like that at all. Renovation can be done at a low cost, but with equally good effect. How?

At the beginning – a good plan

Before we move on to any work, we must calmly think over the scope of renovation and critically examine all rooms – which ones require specific transformation and which ones only need a light refreshment.

At this stage it is worth to spend more time and make a detailed list. The more details we take into account, the later everything will go more smoothly and we will avoid unpleasant (and expensive) surprises. Additionally, it will allow for better estimation of renovation costs. Remember that cheap does not mean ugly.

A renovation team or your own hands?

Renovation works do not always have to involve hiring a professional team. Many of them can be done by yourself. Everything depends on the type and scale of these works.

When it is impossible to avoid hiring professionals, do not decide on the first team, but compare at least several of them. Of course, someone recommended by family or friends, who have already renovated and are satisfied, will be the best.

Painting walls and… tiles

Changing the color of walls can completely change the interior and give it a completely different character. If walls do not require complicated corrections, nothing stands in the way of painting them yourself. Remember about the ceiling, which needs to be repainted as well and protect the floor and furniture with painting foil.

Not everyone is aware that you can easily find tile paint in stores (regular paint is not suitable for this purpose). This is a great way to quickly metamorphose a bathroom or kitchen without having to remove tiles, which would involve hiring professionals and buying new tiles.

A cheap solution is also to cover walls with wallpaper in a chosen pattern or make a decorative wall – imitating brick, stone or concrete.

Laying floor panels

If your floor needs to be replaced, you can try laying laminate on your own. It does not require special skills or construction knowledge. It will also allow you to save on labour costs.

Another possibility is to cover it with a carpet, which is relatively cheap and easy to install, and at the same time durable and resistant to dirt. Moreover, there are so many types and colors available on the market that no one should have a problem with its selection.

Renovating old furniture

A great way to save money is to refurbish some of your furnishings. Sometimes it may turn out that it is enough to paint the chest of drawers in the hallway and replace the handles in it to regain its shine. Elegant veneers are also often recommended, which can turn a table with a white top into a marble one in just a few moments.

In the kitchen, ready-made sets and free-standing appliances

While redecorating a living room seems to be quite a simple matter, because even replacing a sofa set has a big effect, the matter is a bit more complicated in case of a kitchen.

Here, the cheapest option is to refresh it by replacing just the fronts of the cabinets. Then there will be no need to dismantle all the furniture. If, on the other hand, we are planning to buy completely new furniture, then the cheaper option is not furniture made to order by a carpenter, but ready-made sets available in stores.

Also pay attention to the equipment – a fridge, a dishwasher or a microwave oven will be much cheaper than built-in models.

Additions change the interior

Let’s remember that only additions can effectively change the interior or raise its standard. It is enough to change textiles, cushions, bedspread, curtains or carpet. Various mirrors, paintings, lamps and candles will be perfect.

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