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The garage is one of those rooms where we store a lot of stuff. Chaos often reigns there, causing us to waste a lot of time finding the tools we need. How to store them to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, while enjoying a functional arrangement?

It sounds trivial, but we should start organizing our garage space with a thorough cleaning. Most of us tend to store junk, assuming that they might still be useful. In reality, they are never useful. Let’s sort all the things accumulated in the garage into those we want to leave behind, because we will definitely need them (for example, for tending the garden), and those we will give away or throw away. Next, let’s group all the tools and equipment by purpose and category, so we’ll keep all the screwdrivers or rakes and shovels in one place. All kinds of racks, cabinets, boxes and wall boards will help to keep things in order.

Garage racks

Arranged along the walls, bookcases can form the base of a garage arrangement. You can choose models made of different materials, for example, steel, wood or plastic. The choice depends on the desired durability. Shelving units are either free-standing or screwed to the wall or ceiling, which allows you to use all the available space. Buying corner shelving units is also a good option. It’s a good idea to store those tools and accessories you use most often on easily accessible shelves. Don’t worry about not being able to reach the upper shelves – ladders, hydraulic jacks and pulleys will help.

Garage cabinets

Garage cabinets are especially useful for storing dangerous, sharp objects and chemicals. If there are children in the house, the cabinets should be either high up or padlocked. Besides, keeping tools in cabinets will keep the garage from looking cluttered, and stored items won’t get as dusty. Freestanding cabinets are certainly the most convenient solution, as they do not require complicated assembly, but they take up space on the floor. So let’s adjust the choice of the model to our needs and, above all, space possibilities.

Baskets, garbage cans and boxes

Baskets, garbage cans and boxes of various sizes are the easiest way to segregate and neatly store especially small tools, such as screws, scissors, screwdrivers, nuts and other small metal parts. Plus, they protect them from dust and moisture. Avoid cardboard boxes, which are not very sturdy. Plastic containers will be a better choice. If you choose transparent ones, you will be able to see what is inside without opening the lid. It’s also a good idea to sign each box to be sure of the contents. We can stack the containers on top of each other or on racks, this way we will maximize the use of space. 

Pin boards

When arranging a garage, peg boards are often overlooked, meanwhile they are very practical. They are characterized by pre-drilled holes that allow the installation of hooks, organizers and tool holders. The plus side of these types of boards is that they keep tools in plain sight for easy access. Most boards can be cut to size, plus they are inexpensive and easy to install.

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