How to separate the kitchen from the living room?

Having a large space that connects the kitchen with the living room, we sometimes want to separate. However, we do not necessarily mean putting up partition walls: the border should be perceptible, but at the same time subtle, so as not to overwhelm. What types of screens are worth considering to separate the kitchen from the living room?

Ways to separate the kitchen from the living room

Popular screenings include:

  • kitchen island – a stylish island can be not only fashionable, but also very functional. It should be arranged in such a way as to give additional space for preparing or eating meals (a spacious worktop is necessary!);
  • a bookcase separating the two spaces – the two parts of the apartment can also be separated by a bookcase;
  • a table between the kitchen and the living room – the use of a table will bring harmony to the interior according to a layout accentuating the natural sequence: a place for cooking, eating and rest;
  • a bar – an ideal option for those who often want to receive their guests in a stylish way;
  • designer wall – fashionable metal and glass constructions work well in modern interiors. On one hand they separate space, on the other hand they are openwork or transparent, so they do not create barriers;
  • retro sideboard – in the interiors in a rustic or English style, you can use a stylish sideboard to create a partition;
  • sofa set – a sofa with a coffee table and armchairs can also separate the kitchen from the living room.
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