What grass to plant in the garden?

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Although we often don’t pay attention to it, grass is an integral part of the garden without which it could not exist. If you want your garden to look beautiful, the grass you plant should be thick and weather-resistant. So we give you some tips on which grass mixes to choose for your garden.

What to look for when selecting grass for your garden?

Beautiful and green grass is the real showpiece of your garden. You could even say that it is a very important background that maintains the entire aesthetics of your garden. However, in order to make sure that it will look beautiful, you need to choose the right mixture. After all, there will be a different decorative grass for a heavily sunny garden and a different grass for the shade.

Remember that homogeneous grasses don’t do well in the Polish climate, so it’s better to go for mixtures. If they are properly selected in terms of proportions, they can differ from each other in the speed of regeneration and resistance to drought, trampling and strong sunlight. So which grasses to choose for such a mix?

Clumping red fescue

One of the most basic grass species is red fescue. It is quite low and belongs to the typically decorative species. It is also very drought resistant. However, it is worth remembering that it is characterized by poor growth, so it is worth mixing it with one of the fast-growing grass varieties

Meadow grass

This type of grass is ideal for sunny gardens. It is extremely resistant to drought and frost and to being trampled. In addition, it is characterized by slow growth. By choosing this species, you can be sure that it will decorate your garden for many years. However, remember that meadow grass is not suitable for planting in wet or limestone areas.

Perennial ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass, also called Kentucky bluegrass, is a staple species that is characterized primarily by its fast growth and high resistance to frequent mowing and trampling. In addition, it has great regenerative capacity and a strong root system that allows it to grow on sandy and poorly watered soils. Thanks to its properties it is a part of most mixtures

Common bentgrass

Another grass with very high aesthetic value is Kentucky bluegrass. This is a typically decorative grass, which will do well in dry soils low in nutrients. However, it is not very resistant to trampling.

You can find grass mixes for your garden that are sure to meet all your requirements at https://www.gardenflora.pl/.

How do I care for garden grass?

No matter which type of grass you choose, if you want a thick and beautiful lawn, you need to look after it properly. Of course, you should remember to mow regularly to improve the condition, resistance and appearance of the grass

But don’t forget about other maintenance measures such as scarifying, i.e. raking the grass and cutting the top layer. It is also a good idea to aerate the lawn once in a while in order to aerate it, stimulate grass growth and improve its structure. Also remember to water regularly and you will be sure that your grass will look great.

Main Photo: David Mancini/unsplash.com

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