How to make a usable space out of an attic?

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In many homes, the attic serves as storage for more or less useful items for which there is no room in the living area. But how about changing it? Find out how you can transform your attic into a beautiful and functional interior.

Attic conversion into living space

Even an attic that has not been used for many years can gain a second life. You can convert it into living space. An attic room is a place where you can create a really amazing and interesting atmosphere. But how to do it?

What do you have to remember about?

First of all it is necessary to complete all the formalities related to converting the attic into a living space. First of all, it must be at least 2.2 meters high. If it turns out that the room is too low, it may be necessary to raise the roof. Remember also that any major interference or renovation of the attic requiring alterations must be reported and requires the same procedures as the construction of a house. Before starting renovation work you also need to check several important issues such as the condition of the ceiling and trusses, the possibility of building new flooring, insulation, heating lighting and generally the possibility of extending the installation. The issue of insulation is particularly important because it is in front of the attic that a large part of the heat from your home escapes

How to arrange the attic?

To make your new attic not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye with beautiful design, you need to remember a few things. Let’s start with the fact that you need to get to the attic in some way. This is why you will need stairs, such as metal attic stairs. No matter what kind of room you plan to create in the attic, you should also think about visually enlarging the space, because the attic is usually a small interior with a lot of slants. So paint the walls a bright color and take care of proper lighting, using the help of the online store Mirrors are also your ally in optically enlarging the space. When it comes to furniture, because of the unusual shape of the attic, the best choice will be those made to measure. Also consider how you can use elements typical for the attic, such as wooden roof trusses, which may turn out to be a unique decoration of your interior.

What rooms can be arranged in the attic?

Guest room

A newly converted attic is a great place for a guest room or a spare bedroom. Apart from a bed or a sofa bed, remember about a few accessories, which will make the interior more cozy and your guests will feel good there. Such additions will be for example a fluffy rug, curtains for the living room and plants.


If a closet is not enough for you, a great idea is to turn your attic into a dressing room. This will give you plenty of storage space for your and your family’s clothes. It is also a good solution if you usually hide seasonal clothes such as winter jackets in cardboard boxes.

Home office

The attic is also a great place to create a home office space. This is because the attic is cut off from the noise and provides peace and quiet. By placing your desk under the window, you will also gain a lot of natural light, which will prevent your eyes from getting tired while working.

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