Wooden desk – dressing table, workspace and other uses

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Wooden desk with an interesting design is much more than a typical office equipment, which appears at home, school or just in the workplace. A high quality piece of furniture, created from wood, may as well stand in a bedroom and play other roles. What are those? We suggest.

Why do we value wooden desks so much?

Wood is first of all a valuable raw material for furniture production, which thanks to it can be very durable and enjoy above average aesthetics. Characteristic for such equipment is the fact that practically all the time they are fashionable. A special recognition is given to furniture manufactured from wood with special physical, aesthetic properties or being an exotic commodity. Hence, perhaps, the success of furniture dating back to the nineteenth century, colonial desks and secretaries

Wooden desk and its many uses

The shape of the desk, its dimensions, the presence of useful drawers and quite a spacious top make it a multifunctional piece of furniture. The first association that we will have with it, of course, will be the space to work. However, this is not the only way we can use a wooden desk.

A place to work

What uses can a wooden desk have? First of all it remains a place to work. Nowadays it is rather not recommended to take professional duties to the bedroom, but in the past desks placed in such a space were furniture, at which people sometimes wrote for many hours. Nowadays we can also afford to create such a space in the bedroom with a desk in the main role. However, this time the pen and inkwell will rather be replaced by a laptop. This will be especially useful in apartments, which lack a completely separate room, where you can arrange yourself a study

Bedside table

Wooden desk can also be moved next to the bed. Then we get a stylish nightstand, which will be beautiful and functional. We can successfully put on it a cup of tea, telephone and small items, which before going to sleep we take out of our pockets. In addition, fit here bedside lamp and favorite books, which we read before bedtime.

Wooden desk as a dressing table

The use of a wooden desk as a dressing table is sure to please ladies in particular. It can be extremely useful here a comfortable and large top, on which you can easily put more cosmetics. After the makeup is done, they can be put back into the spacious drawers

In case you want to use a wooden desk as a dressing table, you should make sure to combine it with a matching mirror hung on the wall. Again, it is advisable that the frames are wooden and as similar as possible to the style in which the dressing table was designed

Additional storage space

You can also use the top of the wooden desk and its drawers as additional and very decorative storage space for your precious trinkets. These do not have to be items of high financial value at once. We can also fit souvenirs here; it will be a good place for them when we don’t necessarily want to share them with other people who visit the apartment.

Desk – a place for greenery in the bedroom

However, there are times when we do not have many practical uses for which a desk could be useful to us. Then the desk can be a good place to arrange a display of large potted plants. It is worth choosing flowers that purify the air, which is very important in the bedroom. It is also necessary to be careful that the moisture from the pots is not destructive to the countertop.

Desk as a decorative element in the bedroom

Finally, you can treat the wooden desk as a purely decorative element of the bedroom arrangement. Even if the interior is decorated in colonial style, you can bet on the fact that it will look very stylish together with the bed and the chest of drawers. The tabletop itself can also be a space for displaying trinkets and ornaments, which will further emphasize the stylish character of the interior

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