Don’t have room for a big sofa? We advise what to choose instead

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A piece of furniture that we usually associate with the living room is the sofa. But is it possible to arrange an interesting and functional interior without it? Of course it is! We suggest what alternatives to choose, if you do not have room for a sofa.

Furniture, which is usually found in the living room, is of course a sofa. It is where we spend time with our household members and guests, we watch TV or read a book. But what if your living room is small and you don’t have room for a sofa? Check out our furniture alternatives.

Comfortable armchair

An excellent alternative for a sofa is certainly an armchair. It’s much smaller, so it will fit easily even in a small space, but it’s just as comfortable. If you want even more comfort when you’re watching a film or reading a book, choose an armchair with soft armrests and a foam-filled seat and back. This makes sitting and lying in the armchair very pleasant. It will also be perfect for a short nap. Moreover, armchairs are a perfect way to decorate your interior. Due to the fact that they have various forms and are smaller than a sofa, they make it possible to create various arrangements. Classic, with interesting upholstery, rounded or much lower than traditional – the choice is really huge and you’re sure to find something for yourself

Soft pouffe

A perfect alternative to the living room is also a soft and extremely comfortable pouffe. This is a great solution for small living rooms. Pouffes are universal furniture, which will look good in every arrangement – they will look good in Scandinavian, classic, minimalist or even retro style interiors. Moreover, this furniture is light and takes up very little space. So you can use them as the main seats, or as an extra seat in case of a visit from unannounced guests, and also, depending on the shape, they can serve as a comfortable footstool, a bedside table, a low table or a toy for your child. A pouffe with a backrest is also great for maximum sitting comfort. Such models adapt to the shape of the body, becoming the most comfortable place to rest. They relieve the spine and do not force an unnatural position, so spending time in them will be incredibly comfortable. A good solution will also be a bit unusual, but very fashionable seat cushions, which will look exceptionally stylish, especially in modern interiors.

Elegant chaise longue

If you want to introduce a real retro atmosphere, an ideal alternative to the sofa will be an elegant chaise longue. This is a piece of furniture that originates from French courts, so you can be sure that it will give your interior a luxurious feel. Decorative fabric, carved legs and gilded sides will surely steal the heart of glamour style lovers, however, it is also worth considering a modern metal lounger, upholstered with leather, with a designer shape. In addition, chaise longues are also incredibly comfortable! Thanks to them in a comfortable sitting position, or basically semi-reclining, you can drink your morning coffee or relax with a good book.

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