What should be the height of the bathtub?

When designing a bathroom, we must pay attention to the height of the bathtub. With the right parameters, taking a bath will be comfortable and pleasant. Find out how much the optimal dimensions of the bathtub should be.

Interior finishing specialists agree that the optimal height of the bathtub from the floor should be 60 cm. Such dimensions are the best solution for adults with a height of 165-180 cm, as entering and leaving will be safe and easy for them. Although the above recommendation is the most common, it is worth adjusting the height of the bathtub to individual preferences and take into account the needs of all those who will use the bathtub, including children, the elderly or those with mobility problems.

How to adjust the height of the bathtub?

The problem of getting into a bathtub that is too high can be a problem for the elderly. If there are seniors living or often staying in our house, let’s decide to install a bathtub (preferably choose a model with a seat to make taking a bath easier), the height of which will be about 50 cm from the floor. Such a solution should also be used for household members with mobility difficulties. It is also worth remembering about non-slip rugs near the bathtub, which will provide greater safety and stability when entering and leaving. We can still install handles for pulling up and supporting.

On the other hand, very tall people can think about a higher bathtub and opt for a model whose height from the floor will be even about 70 cm. This will certainly affect the more comfortable use of the bathtub.

And what about children? If there is no shortage of the youngest household members in our apartment, let’s also take their needs into account. We don’t need to specially lower the bathtub or decide on a lower model, because children grow quickly anyway. A great solution will be to buy a small stool or steps, so that a few years old child can easily enter the bathtub. However, for safety’s sake, let’s accompany our kids while bathing.

The bathtub height recommendations indicated above apply primarily to standard models. For bathtubs with deep bowls or heavy, extra-large and cast-iron bathtubs, the guidelines may be different.

Also remember to always count the height of the bathtub from the level of the already finished floor. Importantly, the height of a freestanding bathtub and that of a built-in bathtub are counted differently. If there are any feet, they also need to be taken into account when calculating the correct height.

Width and length of the bathtub

The width of a bathtub usually ranges from 69 cm to 140 cm. In wider models, it is certainly more comfortable to relax, but their cleaning is sometimes difficult and requires going inside. And how about the length of the bathtub? We can choose models from 100 cm to 190 cm. Longer ones allow even very tall people to lie down freely, but they won’t work well in small bathrooms, where every square meter is at a premium. In smaller rooms, the purchase of a shorter bathtub usually turns out to be a necessity.

It is worth bearing in mind that the use of a bathtub with larger dimensions is also associated with a long waiting time for its filling and very high water consumption. This can be all the more costly when we have to heat the water on our own, using electric boilers, for example.

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