What should a shower be equipped with?

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We suggest what elements you should pay attention to when buying a shower. They will have a positive impact on the comfort of its use. In this text you will learn what equipment should be provided

Shower enclosure

The most important element is of course the shower enclosure. Among other things, this depends on whether or not you opt for a shower tray. And you can add other essential accessories, such as a hand shower or a shower hose. Walk-in shower enclosures are extremely popular and practical. They can be perfectly matched to many bathroom arrangements. They have many advantages, which is why they are so often chosen. One of them is versatility and ease of cleaning. Besides, they are also durable and comfortable to use. Other common types are, for example, rounded, rectangular, corner or recessed cabins. You need to match them with the particular type of room and its dimensions

Shower hose

A suitable shower hose is also a useful element. Many people do not pay much attention to it, but it is important when it comes to comfort. Hoses can be made of different materials, such as stainless steel or metal. They must be resistant to mechanical damage. Their length is adjusted to the height and size of the shower enclosure. An additional convenience is a special feature that prevents the cable from tangling. It is worth betting on a decent quality hose, because if it is poorly made, it often breaks down

Shower handset

A very important equipment of the shower is the handset. These products today are extremely diverse and come in a variety of colors. The options are really many, so you should think carefully before buying. It is important to remember that in addition to the functionality of the handset, you should also pay attention to its appearance. It should be matched in color and style to the decor of the bathroom and the cabin. The basic version has only one function, which is pouring a stream of water

However, there are also multifunctional models that allow you to choose the pressure and intensity. They also have different modes, such as rain or massage. With these, you can give yourself a water massage. It will relax or stimulate you, depending on your need and the time of day. Shower mix ers with a rain shower are also a good option. They have a positive effect on the quality of your bath and help you relax better

Practical handles

Handles are a small but necessary element. They allow you to hang the hand shower on the wall. They come in different shapes and colors. This small accessory is essential for the daily use of the shower. It has to be securely mounted in order to perform its function properly. Such a holder should be fixed at the right height to suit all the users of the shower

Shelves for the shower

The last optional piece of equipment is the shower shelves. They usually come in the form of small baskets. They definitely increase the comfort of use. They allow for optimal use of space and for storing the necessary things. It is best to choose such a model, which has small holes, preventing the accumulation of water. The choice of material is also important. This is because it affects the durability of such a shower shelf. It is often exposed to water, so it must be resistant to it. An important aspect that must be taken into account when buying is the way of its installation. For example, we distinguish such a corner or suspended.

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