Choosing a laptop table – work in bed or on the sofa

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A laptop table is a practical gadget, without which many people can no longer imagine using a laptop. What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a new laptop table?

Laptop table – why is it worth having?

Why is it worth investing in a laptop stand? A laptop stand is an ideal solution for people who like to use their mobile computer while sitting comfortably on a sofa or in bed. By placing the computer on a special table, we protect the equipment from possible overheating, which could occur from direct contact with the fabric (e.g. blanket, comforter). Many people do not realize that soft materials have a negative effect on the ventilation of the laptop, so you should not put it on such surfaces.

Due to its compact size, you can use the table anywhere, and even take it with you on a holiday trip or business trip. The advantage of this solution is also low cost – you can buy a decent quality table for about 100 PLN.

Laptop table types – manufacturing material

With regard to the material of production we can distinguish:

  • wooden laptop tables – their appearance often resembles traditional breakfast tables, they often have folding legs and an air vent,
  • plastic laptop tables – they are cheap, lightweight and foldable, so they take up little space. More expensive models have additional cooling in addition to holes for ventilation,
  • metal laptop tables – are stable, usually much heavier than the other variants. Often these types of models are equipped with wheels and have height adjustment,
  • glass laptop tables – they look very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to which they fit into any interior. Usually they have steel legs and frame, so they are really stable.

Purpose and shape of the laptop table

Taking into account the purpose and shape of the laptop table, we can choose from cushion tables (usually oval in shape), rectangular stationary tables with or without wheels (dedicated for standing), or mobile tables with legs instead of wheels.

What works best? It’s hard to give a clear answer to this question, we need to think about what kind of table will suit our daily needs. If we usually use a laptop while in bed – a pillow table or a wooden variant à la a breakfast table will turn out to be a good solution. On the other hand, if you like to use your computer equipment while sitting on the sofa, apart from a pillow-table you may find a stationary table with wheels useful.

Laptop table – what to pay attention to when buying?

If you want to enjoy buying a laptop table, you should make sure that the model you are interested in has a heat dissipation system (i.e. ventilator or fan). You should also pay attention to whether the table has a folding option, height and top adjustment. The comfort of the table’s use will be increased by such amenities as a cup holder or a compartment where we can keep a notebook and pens or a charger. Those who use a computer mouse should check if the table has an additional surface for this type of gadget.

We hope that thanks to our tips you will buy the laptop table of your dreams, which will fulfill its function 100%, serving you smoothly for a long time.

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