How to plan a bathroom renovation?

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Bathroom is one of the most demanding interiors in terms of finishing. How to plan the renovation of this sanitary room in a smart way so that the work goes smoothly and trouble-free?

At what time is it worth renovating the bathroom?

Bathroom refreshing is a troublesome time for the whole family. Therefore, it is worth planning a renovation during the vacations, when the children go to summer camps. Spring is also a good time. Certainly, we do not recommend renovation works in late autumn and winter. Although it is easier to find professionals then, due to low temperatures it will not be very comfortable (we mean the airing and drying of walls).

Bathroom renovation – good design is essential

Before we start renovation work, it is worth spending a lot of time thinking about what we need in the bathroom to make it comfortable and pleasant to use. It is a good idea to sketch out a bathroom design on a piece of paper or use a computer program. If our budget allows it, we can also use the services of a professional interior designer.

If we want to change the layout of the room, first we need to deal with the plumbing and electrical installation, which determines the location of individual elements (washbasin, bathtub/shower, toilet, sockets).

Purchasing finishing materials in advance

Not all people realize that not every finishing product for the bathroom is available off-the-shelf – this is especially true of tiles. It may turn out that the design that we like requires a waiting period of several weeks. That is why it is worth placing an order for all materials early enough (1-2 months before the planned renovation). Thanks to this, all the works will start on time, which is of great importance especially when we use the services of a professional renovation team (good professionals usually have a very tight schedule).

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in 2021? Approximate prices

The total cost of renovating this sanitary room depends on several factors, these include:

  • the scope of work,
  • area of the bathroom,
  • seniority of the renovation and construction team,
  • prices of finishing materials,
  • standard of the bathroom finish,
  • location of the apartment/house (usually the bigger the city, the more expensive the professionals).

The approximate cost of finishing a bathroom with an area of about 5 m2 (of average standard) is about 12 000-15 000 PLN. The final cost of the investment may increase if we take into account additional expenses related to rubble removal (after removing all the old ceramic tiles), purchase or rental of equipment (in case of performing all or part of the work yourself).

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