Projects of barn type houses – top 5

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Combining tradition and modernity, comfort and practicality – barn-style houses delight more and more people. We checked, which projects cause faster heartbeat and increase of endorphins.

What are the characteristics of a barn style house?

Barn house, as the name suggests, resembles a country barn, but in a different, modern form. Attention is drawn primarily by its simple and uncomplicated body with a gable roof, numerous glazings (providing close access to nature and sunlight) and perfectly planned layout of rooms.

It is worth noting that the erection of this type of building is quite quick and easy, which translates into lower investment costs compared to the construction of a traditional house. Moreover, it will easily fit into any landscape and neighborhood (even if you have a fairly narrow plot), there will be no problem with its arrangement. A barn-type house gives great arrangement possibilities. A sense of spaciousness prevails, especially in the case of a high and impressive living room. You can successfully arrange it in almost any style.

The elevation of such a house is usually made of different materials, to liven up and make more attractive a simple shape. On the walls we can see wood, sheet metal, stone or clinker tile.

We have selected five projects of barn type houses, which stand out for their excellent design and practicality.

Modern double-storey barn

Barn houses built on a rectangular plan, are often one-story. In this case, the project includes two floors. The total usable area is 181 square meters. There is also a built-in two-car garage of more than 46 square meters. Moreover, the attic bedroom is with a balcony. The facade is dominated by light plaster, but the whole is enriched with wooden profiles and slate stone.

Two barns, one house

The project assumes a usable attic and the whole has over 124 square meters of surface. However, a completely different construction scheme was used here – two barns were connected, of which the second one is just a stylish carport for two cars. Although the house is not excessively large, but you can not deny it an interesting design.

A barn in a mini version

90 square meters of floor space is relatively little in case of the house, but it was designed in a very thoughtful way to provide comfort to a family of several people. The living zone is located on the first floor, and the bedrooms in the attic, each with their own balcony. The roof is covered with bright metal sheet, and the facade is completed with wooden panels.

Dream project of a modern barn?

This proposal differs from the previous ones mainly in the elevation. Here not wood, but clinker tiles in several shades were used. It is a very effective solution. Interior is bright, especially living room with a fireplace, which is lightened from three sides. The usable area of the house is nearly 119 square meters. A single garage is adjacent to the building. The attic can also be adapted, which will give another 20 square meters

Not a house, but a barn-type summer house

A modern barn is perfect not only for a house, but also for a summer house that does not require a building permit. Its shape allows you to make great use and development of space, rest and relax in the surroundings of nature. The cottage has an area of just 36.31 square meters, which consists of a living room with kitchenette, bathroom, utility room and mezzanine (plus a terrace on the front). The light plaster is combined with a warm wooden cladding.

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