Ideas for arranging a small living room

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Decorating a small space seems like a challenge, especially when you want to fit in as many of your own ideas and functions as possible. Before you let your imagination run wild, analyze everything from A to Z. We will try to help you! We will suggest how to decorate a small living room, so how to choose the right color, accessories, and most of all furniture, which will allow it to fulfill its proper function as the center of your home.

Wall color

Let’s start with some practical advice in choosing the right wall color for a small space. Although stronger colors will give the living room warmth and coziness, it is worth betting on lighter colors that will optically enlarge the space. Great will be pastel shades, which will cause a visual sense of lightness, illuminate the space, as well as give the room a certain elegance and delicacy. A good idea will be to put wallpaper on one of the walls, which will emphasize the character of the room. Be very careful in its selection, so that it does not overwhelm the space. If you follow this advice and also hang a mirror in a small living room, you will optically enlarge the space and make you and your guests feel very comfortable in it.

The center of the living room

A living room is first and foremost a place where you will be able to relax and also receive guests. So, it is important when arranging your living room to pay a lot of attention to the right choice of the lounge set. You can find many ideas and products at

To take care of everyone, in a small living room should appear a small sofa, matched to the style of the room. Among the most popular today are low, velour models on four legs, usually in dark colors of bottle green or navy blue. However, if you have decided on a darker color of the walls, sofas in light gray will work well

The aforementioned armchair will please you when you want to devote yourself to reading books or when a friend with a slightly more introverted attitude visits you. However, if you would like to bet on the combination of elegance and maximum functionality, you should consider choosing a corner sofa, which can accommodate a large number of guests, and also if necessary, can be unfolded for sleeping. You can find interesting proposals on the website


Apart from the sofa set or the corner sofa, you should think about choosing suitable furniture, which will not overwhelm the space, but will be functional and aesthetically matched to the style of the room assumed by you

One of the absolutely basic pieces of furniture is a coffee table, which can be added to the sofa set you have chosen earlier, and will be a handy piece of furniture for putting cups of coffee, for example

You should also consider placing a small library or RTV cabinet, depending on how you prefer to spend your free time. You may also find a small chest of drawers useful, which will hold trinkets or documents that are important to you and will also give the room a touch of elegance. You can find specific products or inspiration on the website


Properly selected accessories are important elements that give the whole interior character. The already mentioned mirror will optically enlarge the room. Others depend only on the style, which you have adopted, and also on your imagination

There will be other additions to the boho style (decorative dried grass, macramé), Scandinavian style (fur rugs, cotton balls lamps), and others to the retro style. Remember, however, not to overdo it in a small space. Plants have been an important element of living room decor for years. You can easily choose the right kind for each style, as well as the conditions in the room. However, each of them will add more life and beautiful look to the interior!

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