How to prepare a room for a baby at a low cost?

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Waiting for a baby is a time full of joy, but unfortunately also full of expenses. Diapers, clothes, bottles, pacifiers and toys can cost a fortune, but they are essential for the proper development of the child. Just like furniture for the baby’s room, they are necessary for the baby to be safe. So how not to go bankrupt while preparing a room for a baby? We suggest!

Do not buy twice

In order not to spend all the money on furnishing the room and the layette, avoid buying multiple essentials. For example, a free-standing crib, an extra bed and a travel crib. To begin with, it’s best to choose the single most essential option, such as a free-standing crib. Several variations of the same thing can make life easier and improve care for your little one in the later months of their life, but in the early days of parenthood you have more priority expenses. You can only buy gadgets like a travel crib or stroller when you need them. For the first two/three months, there’s very little chance you’ll be going somewhere with your baby overnight anyway

However, there are things that you need several sets of. For example, crib bedding, which is bound to get dirty extremely often. In the beginning, when your baby soils the bedding mainly with the contents of the diaper, which can soak through the pillowcase, the best choice will be baby bedding with filling that can be washed completely. In the later months, you can put a pillowcase over it and treat it just like regular bedding

Don’t buy at a moment’s notice

Furniture such as the Moses basket or the cradle may serve you well for the first three or four months. After this time, the child becomes too big, too heavy or too mobile for them and such a gadget goes to the attic or basement. Bet on furniture which will serve you throughout the entire period of infancy. If you think you need a cradle or a basket, buy them second-hand or, when your little one grows out of them, try to sell them and recover part of the cost. This will save you a considerable sum that you can spend on better quality diapers or clothes

A purchase that will come in handy in your baby’s room for years to come will certainly be more than one lamp. Soft lighting in the room will help your baby orient himself in the space when he wakes up , so he won’t wake up frightened. A bedside lamp is also very useful for night feeds. You can find different models of lamps at

Do not overpay

Many popular brands have extremely exorbitant prices which do not compare with the quality. When decorating a children’s room bet on the quality of materials and workmanship, not on a fashionable label or a brand advertised by a celebrity. It is often possible to find fantastically made elements of baby equipment from a lesser-known company at very affordable prices. A wide selection of baby products and furniture at competitive prices can be found at

Look for multifunctional solutions and substitutes

The changing table, which is very necessary at the beginning, unfortunately serves only until the child reaches a certain weight. An entire chest of drawers with a changing table or a free-standing changing table is an expense of PLN 500 – 800. A cheaper option will be a mobile overlay on a chest of drawers or a crib which functions as a changing table. Such an overlay is several hundred zlotys cheaper and fulfills its task just as well as an expensive and space-consuming changing table

A baby carriage is another item which may have several functions. Many stroller models now allow you to modify them. At first, you can buy just a carrycot for your baby to lie in, and only when your baby starts to sit up can you buy parts that let you turn the frame into a stroller

A baby is a big expense, but most of these purchases are one-time investments that last for years. Items bought during the first pregnancy may be used by subsequent children, so it may turn out that for several kids, a larger sum will be enough to spend once. Remember to save only on the less important things, so that you have something to spend on the crucial ones. Never put your savings before your baby’s safety.

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