Step by step installation of upholstered panels

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Upholstered panels are a hit in interiors in recent years. Can every amateur cope with installing panels on the wall? Let’s check how to install this type of decorative elements on the wall!

What is an upholstered panel? How to make it yourself?

First of all, let’s explain what an upholstered panel is? This kind of decor usually consists of OSB board cut to size, upholstered with fabric and filled with upholstery foam. It can have any shape, texture and size. The most popular are panels in the shape of a hexagon, rectangle and rhombus. The price for one element, depending on the size, filling quality and upholstery fabric used, is 30-100 PLN. To save some money, we can make panels by hand – how? Just watch the video below!

Of course, if we do not have manual skills or free time, we can buy ready-made upholstered panels in any construction store.

Upholstered panels – advantages of the solution. Why is it worth to make a wall of panels?

Before we present tips on installing upholstered panels, it is worth mentioning the advantages of this type of decor in the interior. Upholstered panels are easy to keep clean – if you want to get rid of dust or other dirt, just wipe them with a damp sponge or cotton cloth.

This is not the end of the advantages. This kind of solution increases the aesthetic value of the room – upholstered panels are perfect for the hallway, bedroom, living room or child’s room, perfectly protecting the walls from dirt. Additionally they can act as an acoustic barrier, soundproofing the interior. Upholstered wall panels also dampen reverberation, which is important in the case of larger rooms. Panels covered with eco leather or elegant velvet add coziness and exclusivity, we can enjoy their beauty for years.

How to install wall panels made of upholstery fabrics? Practical tips for beginners

Installation of upholstered wall panels is not complicated – any person, even without any experience in finishing works, should well cope with this task. Where to start? First we need to prepare a list of things necessary for the project. To fix purchased or self-made upholstered panels, we can use:

  • standard mounting glue,
  • double-sided foam tape,
  • velcro tape.

We recommend using mounting glue. To use it, you will need a special gun to apply glue, a spirit level and a pencil. The first step is to draw a line marking the upper edge of the bottom (lowest) row of panels and the next step is to glue the elements until the designated point or the end of the wall. How to apply glue on panels?

It should be applied on each panel in several spots and then pressed to the wall. You should constantly check with a spirit level if you are sure that the panels are installed evenly. When the work is finished, just wait until the glue sets and you’re done.

Main photo: Max Vakhtbovych/

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