Linen bedding – advantages and disadvantages

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Many people believe that in linen bedding falls asleep most pleasantly. Certainly this material does not lack advantages. But what about disadvantages? We check if and why it is worth to decide to buy bedclothes made of linen.

Linen belongs to the oldest fabrics in the world. It was used already in antiquity. Flax fabric is most often made of the common flax and its structure is formed by woven fibers of plants. Interestingly, in Latin, flax is referred to as Linum usitatissimum. This expression can be translated as ‘very useful’, and these words perfectly convey the meaning of this material. Flax is characterized by extraordinary durability, strength and a wide range of applications. Fans of an ecological approach will appreciate the fact that it is also an ecological and biodegradable material.

Linen bedding and its advantages

Linen is a material from which it is possible to produce textiles for various purposes. It works well for clothing and bedding. What are the advantages of linen bedding?

Safety for allergy sufferers

Linen contains no allergens and does not attract dust, which can also be harmful to allergy sufferers. What’s more, it doesn’t cause irritation, and has natural anti-static and bacteriostatic properties, which means it won’t grow moulds and bacteria. This makes linen bedding extremely hygienic and therefore highly recommended for allergy sufferers, young children and people with bronchial asthma.


Linen is a more durable and resistant material than the popular cotton. It does not stretch, does not mend, does not crumble, does not tear – simply does not destroy. It is resistant to deformation and mechanical damage. Linen bedding will surely serve us for many years.


Linen is characterized by airiness. It is light and soft to the touch, allowing your skin to breathe, which makes rest much more pleasant. In addition, it helps regulate body temperature, so it provides high thermal comfort at any time of the year, both during hot and cold nights.

Easy to clean

Thanks to their amorphous structure, linen fabrics are resistant to stains. Possible stains can be washed off without any problems. Linen bedding can be washed in a washing machine as well as by hand. Bleached linen and linen in natural color should be washed at max. 60℃. Coloured linen, on the other hand, is best washed in water with a temperature not exceeding 40℃. Remember not to use bleach to wash your linen. It’s recommended to use delicate washing agents. It is also worth using ecological detergents.


Linen is a classic and elegant material. Bed linen made of this fabric looks noble and at the same time is pleasant to the touch, thanks to special treatments that soften its structure. Linen bedding is usually available in natural colors, similar to the colors of the earth. It will be a beautiful compliment to a bedroom arranged in a rustic style, but also in a modern one.

What disadvantages can linen bedding have?

The multitude of advantages of linen bedding makes us not think about its possible disadvantages. In fact, it is difficult to find such. However, some people point out that linen bedding from linen easily creases and is stiff. In case of creases it is enough to simply iron the fabric. On the other hand, the initial stiffness disappears with time and the fabric becomes softer.

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