Wallpaper in different interiors

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Want to make changes to your home while avoiding a big renovation? Learn the advantages of wallpapers and discover ways to transform rooms with their use.

Which wallpaper to choose for your living room?

If you are looking for an idea for original finishing of walls in your living room, wallpapers are perfect for this purpose. Decoration of this type will allow you to create a perfect place for rest for you and your loved ones, as well as a representative space for receiving guests. Subdued colors will allow you to get a calming atmosphere, while thanks to expressive patterns you can emphasize a particular architectural element, such as an alcove or the wall around the fireplace.

One of the most interesting solutions when it comes to interior decoration is wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect. With its help, you can, for example, expose one of the walls, as well as optically enlarge the entire room. Thanks to this the room will gain an unusual character. The abundance of patterns and colors will make lovers of different interior styles find something for themselves. Especially fans of rustic, boho or vintage style can find a lot of inspiration among oriental and botanical motifs. For living rooms decorated in a minimalist and industrial style, wallpaper imitating a concrete or brick wall will certainly work. Bright colors will make the interior look more spacious and illuminated. Among the latest trends dominate wallpapers with metallic elements, as well as bold geometric and abstract patterns. The most fashionable wallpapers of this season are inspired by art déco style. A wide selection of wallpapers for the living room can be found here: https://www.bimago.pl/tapety/do-pokoju/salon.html

Wallpapers are an easy way to change the arrangement without a significant financial outlay. After choosing a specific design, you need to measure the wall to buy the right number of rolls. On the Internet you will find a special calculator that, based on the entered dimensions of the room, will estimate your purchasing needs. Photowallpaper https://www.bimago.pl/tapety/do-pokoju/salon.htmlmożesz stick it to the wall by yourself using the adhesive on the interlining intended for this purpose. This will make it possible to take it off in the future without leaving marks on the surface of the wall or furniture. If you’re looking for the right wallpaper for your home and installation tips, check out what he has to offer bimago gallery.

Perfect wallpaper to the kitchen

Thanks to wallpapering you will obtain a cosy interior which will encourage you to cook and share meals with your family. A very effective finale of the arrangement is to decorate the wall by the kitchen table. For this purpose, motifs inspired by culinary or travel, as well as modern abstractions can work well. A wall mural can also be a good way to separate the dining area from the kitchen area. You can also use it to decorate your kitchen cabinets. This is much cheaper than buying new custom fronts, and allows you to quickly refresh the character of the interior.

When rearranging the kitchen, it is essential to remember that moisture can affect the condition of interlining wallpapers. Therefore, those located on the walls near the sink or stove should be protected from the destructive effects of water and steam. The use of a glass panel will definitely prolong their durability. A wide selection of wall decorations for kitchens can be found at: https://www.bimago.pl/tapety/do-pokoju/kuchnia.html.

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