Table and chairs in the living room – how to arrange?

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Although it is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home, the living room should be the most representative and usable interior. How to arrange the table and chairs in the living room, so that functionality is combined with aesthetics?

Some say that with aesthetics and functionality is like with cheap and good services – you can choose only one. However, this is not true! With good space planning and consistent complementary arrangements, you can achieve design nirvana. The table and chairs are the essence of the dining room or living room. So take a moment to discover the secrets of fitting them into your interior.

Dining corner or coffee corner?

The first question you need to ask yourself before you start looking for the perfect furniture is simple: what is the purpose of the arrangement? Do you want to have a table and chairs where you can sit with your family for Sunday dinner or breakfast together, but you can’t afford to designate a separate dining room? Or maybe you need a corner for socializing over coffee and cake? The size of the furniture and its comfort level mainly depends on this – after all, you’ll sit more comfortably at a coffee table than at a dinner table.

The piece of floor is yours

Once you know what you’re really trying to achieve by introducing a table and chairs into your living room, try to find the right space. You can place the coffee table in front of the couch and surround it with comfortable poufs or inviting armchairs for relaxation. The dining area, however, can be more problematic

It’s good that it’s not far from the kitchen, and that no obstacles (such as protruding furniture) stand in your way, which could make it difficult for you to transport often hot dishes. The dining room is also associated with more intimacy, it’s a good idea to get rid of distractors such as the TV. You can separate the space for dining in an easy and convenient way – with a screen. It does not have to be a permanent structure, a bookcase will suffice, which you will fill with plants – it will create a kind of green partition wall, which will effectively separate the living room space from the table and chairs

A coherent plan first of all

As usual when preparing an interior design, also when introducing a table and chairs into the living room it is worth remembering about design consistency. Every style is governed by its own rules, so specific table and chair combinations will look best.

If your interiors are generally inspired by boho style, it is worth introducing natural elements in the form of a solid wood table and chairs with rattan backs. Scandi style living room will look good in light colors. Typically Scandinavian chairs with straight, tapered legs with a round cross-section and supporting a bucket seat will look good together with a top in a shade of classic white

If you are a fan of modern design, you can experiment with colors and materials. Plastic chairs? Before you say no, consider their functionality – they are waterproof, durable, and easy to get rid of dirt. And they look simply iconic!

Accessories showcase the table

Arranging the chairs and table alone is not the end of the fun with the coffee or dining area in the living room. Equally important are accessories, consistent with the aesthetics determined by the furniture and colors. We are of course talking about textiles, dishes and lighting

It is worth having on hand at least one piece of tableware in black or white. They will match any arrangement and any occasion, and additionally exude minimalist elegance. Make sure to have atmospheric lighting that matches the time of day – in the morning it is enough to open the blinds, but in the evening the atmosphere can be diversified by the natural glow of candles in candlesticks. Remember to choose all accessories according to the “what’s too much is not enough” rule

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