How to choose a handle for a room door?

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Door handle is seemingly an unimportant element of the interior, which was created to perform a specific function. Not really – a well-chosen door handle can change a lot in the interior.

The choice of these accessories, with which you can currently come across in stores, can make your head spin. These small objects differ from each other in shape, material, pattern or color. We bring you closer to the topic of interior door handles to help you choose the best model.

At the outset, it is worth noting that if someone does not want to, they do not have to face such a decision at all. Manufacturers offer handles that are already included with the door. However, it is not difficult to guess that these are the most standard, not very original types. It will be much more beneficial to make the purchase yourself and adjust the product to the door in your house, as well as the style of the entire interior. Naturally, you should also be guided by your own taste and aesthetic sense.

Interior style

Interior design elements should harmonize with each other, so that together they can create a beautiful and consistent style. Handles are also a part of this. First of all, they must match the door, that is, be its perfect complement. If the leaf is large and massive, the handle should have a similar character, and in the case of delicate and not very decorative doors, it is best to bet on something equally simple and not standing out from the rest.

Another issue is the overall style of the interior. In modern, door handles tend to be minimalist and square or slightly rounded in shape. For those who prefer a traditional or perhaps even old-fashioned feel, there will be definitely more decorative, finesse brass handles or stylized to such.


One of the most important visual factors is certainly the color of the handles. Here, too, it is recommended to properly combine it with other elements of the arrangement. For subtle and subdued interiors, it is better to choose simple handles. Their advantage will be great versatility

If we are dealing with a more original decor, you do not have to limit yourself so much. Some people decide, for example, to contrast colors of these accessories. However, it is recommended to be careful, because it may not be possible to achieve a consistent effect in the interior.


It’s time to move on to the next necessary issue in the selection of handles, namely the materials from which they are made. The basic division includes, among others, steel, aluminum, chrome-plated, brass or gold-plated handles. The first two will complement modern doors very well, but it is better to resign from them in the case of classics. Also important is the way they are finished, which can be both glossy and matte.


When looking for the perfect handle for interior doors, you can not ignore its construction. It is worth paying attention to the sign, or otherwise the shield. It occurs in an elongated version, as well as round or rectangular. Currently, the most popular handles are rosette type, with one of the shapes mentioned above. Before buying it is also good to ask yourself whether you want the doors in the rooms to be locked, because this will affect the design of the handles. There will be a hole for a key or a knob. The remaining part of the handle is, of course, the handle. On the market there is a whole bunch of them, from rectangular, to arches and more wavy and non-standard shapes.

What else should be kept in mind?

It is better to approach the purchase of handles carefully, and also not to decide on them in a hurry. Helpful in the selection will be the use of a sampler of the door veneer, which we are interested in. Do not overlook such details as hinges – the handle must also be selected for them. In addition, some people are guided by the type of furniture fittings present in the house.

No less important than the appearance is also the use of handles. They can be fitted with special springs, thanks to which the handles themselves return to the right position, and the door opens much more conveniently.

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