How do you get your pool ready for spring?

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The first spring sunshine already prompts us to plan summer activities – and for many, that includes setting up the backyard pool.

It doesn’t matter whether the pool is an expandable or a frame pool – before its first use, it will be necessary to perform a few treatments, allowing for safe use throughout the summer.

The ground is the basis!

The place where the pool will stand, must be level, free of sharp objects, but also debris such as branches or bark. Lawn or compacted earth works best. The bottom can be protected with additional insulation material (foam or rubber mats).

Equipment maintenance

Depending on whether we are laying out the pool for the first time, or it is his next season, the preparation will be slightly different.

A pool used for the second time must be unfolded, cleaned in places which could not be cleaned at the end of the last season (with soft cloths and delicate detergents). Then we check its material for mechanical damage.

A new pool requires only the second step – while they do not happen too often, factory defects in the pool expose us to the loss of several hundred liters of water and even a few hundred zlotys, if the leaks are not caught before installation and filling.

Flush and ready!

After the detection and fixing of possible defects, all that remains to be done is a thorough rinsing of the pool from the detergents used, installation in the garden and… good fun in the water!

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