What are the advantages of LED lighting?

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LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular. People are choosing to replace traditional light bulbs with LEDs. Why? See what are the advantages of such lighting

Energy saving

LED bulbs consume less energy and are very efficient, which makes them cheaper than traditional light bulbs. LED lighting uses 80% to 90% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs. The difference is especially noticeable in places where more money is spent on lighting, such as stores and industry.

Better quality of light

LEDs shine with a continuous spectrum light, similar to the traditional incandescent lamp, but in terms of light quality they are superior to fluorescent lamps. They are also distinguished by a large selection of colors. LED technology allows to obtain light of any color, without using any additional filters. There is also a larger range of color temperatures, so LEDs can emit both warm and cool light.

Freedom of placement

LED lights can be placed in different configurations and locations. For example, https://sklep.profiled.pl/profile-wpuszczane-cat-59 offers recessed profiles in which LED lights can be mounted.

LEDs emit a tightly focused light that can be directed in any direction. Because the light is not unnecessarily scattered, it reaches only where it is needed. This reduces the problem of artificial light pollution.

Environmentally friendly

Because LED lights consume less energy than traditional light sources, they are more environmentally friendly. For example, a traditional incandescent bulb consumes 70W per hour, while LEDs only need 9-10W to produce the same amount of light.

In addition, no mercury or other environmentally harmful substances are used in the production of LED lighting. So there is less waste and it is not so harmful to the environment either. LED lights last from about 15,000 hours to 50,000 hours. By comparison, a traditional incandescent bulb is about one thousand hours, a fluorescent bulb five thousand hours, and a halogen bulb about two thousand hours of light.

LED light sources do not heat up

Classic incandescent light bulbs heat up very quickly, making it necessary to always be careful not to touch it when it is on, because you can get burned. Because they get very hot, they can cause fires and create dark circles on walls or ceilings. With LED lights, there is no such problem because they heat up very little.

The main disadvantage of energy efficient fluorescent bulbs is that they take a very long time to heat up. This does not apply to LED lighting, which immediately after switching on reaches one hundred percent light output.

Impact resistance

Traditional lighting contains glass elements and filaments, which are very sensitive to any shocks and impacts. LED lighting, on the other hand, uses plastic and aluminum components, making it much more resistant to both damage and low temperatures.


It would seem that the purchase of LED lamps is a much greater expense than buying traditional light bulbs. The fact that the LEDs prices range from a few to even several hundred PLN, but it is a long-term investment. Installing led lamps will allow you to forget about replacing broken bulbs, and most importantly, high electricity bills.

Main photo: Devanath/pixabay.com

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