How to choose a cheap plafond for your bathroom?

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The bathroom is certainly the kind of space that needs to remain well lit. This comes with the convenience of use. It is hard to imagine painting or shaving in the morning without enough good light. The plafond is also very important. How to choose a cheap and interesting model?

What is a plafond?

First of all, the plafond is the main source of light in the room. What distinguishes it from lamps and chandeliers? It is mainly about the form: plafond is a flat lampshade, which is mounted right on the ceiling. It seems that for such a minimalist type of lighting there is little choice, but this is not true.

Why is a plafond important in bathroom lighting?

Thinking about the plafond in the lighting system of the bathroom, we inevitably have in mind just the main source of light. Smaller elements of the whole system, such as wall lamps and other point sources of light, are intended to support the aesthetics of the room or help with specific activities such as shaving or painting. Plafonds are perfect especially in small rooms. Extended chandeliers are sometimes in such places uncomfortable. Often could also look simply strange and disproportionate. In addition, plafond is easier to make in such a way as to preserve the appropriate tightness of the lampshade and durability for the bathroom.

How to choose a good and cheap plafond for the bathroom?

For some time it was reluctant to use plafonds in lighting bathrooms. This type of lighting was associated with its clumsy versions, which decorated the interiors of the communist era. Currently, however, you can confidently reach for modern and aesthetic models, which are made of good materials and in accordance with an interesting style.

Which plafond for the bathroom? Waterproof

First of all, the bathroom is probably the most demanding room in the house, where lighting must function. The difficulty is caused primarily by the fact that virtually constantly here we have to deal with the increased impact of moisture. How to choose a plafond that can cope with such difficult conditions? You should pay attention to the parameter of waterproof housing, which is marked by IP symbols. It is recommended to choose those models that are marked as at least IP44.

Materials from which the plafond is made

It is also important to pay attention to whether the plafond is made of high-quality materials. What matters most is the type of glazing, which should be matte and allow for even illumination of the room. Currently available ceiling plafonds can be purchased in round, square or less regular shapes.

Types of plafonds on the market

Today, mainly choose classic models or modern LED solutions. The advantage of the first is an elegant design, often without many eye-catching ornaments, which gives them great versatility. Modern LED plafonds are usually small and maintained in a minimalist style. When choosing a specific model and bulbs for it you need to take into account the color and power of light. This is important and above all in small spaces, where too strong light could be blinding.

LED plafonds

It is also worth adding that LED plafonds are an effective solution. This type of lighting will save energy, while not giving up certain parameters that interest us. We can choose different temperatures for such lighting, so that the interior looked impressive. Another tempting option is to choose LED plafond with motion sensor. This is another idea for a modern way to take care of energy savings in our home.

Plafonds straight from the People’s Republic of Poland. Is it worth throwing it away?

Definitely not. This kind of lamp can be valuable not only for collectors of elements from the previous era, but renewed it can still be useful. If only to create an interesting and inexpensive interior design in vintage style.

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