Modern apartment lighting – what lamps to choose?

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Lighting of the apartment is of great importance in everyday functioning, and also affects the aesthetics of the entire interior. Modern lamps offer a number of interesting lighting solutions that are worth using. Check what are the current lighting trends and what of them you can apply in your home.

Ceiling tubes

A versatile type of indoor lighting are ceiling tubes. They have an elegant, minimalist and timeless character, thanks to which they fit into various arrangements. They will fit into both modern and classic interior design concepts. Ceiling tubes are especially appreciated by fans of industrial style and people decorating home offices.

Downlights have a circular design, which is very convenient because you can direct the light beam in a specific direction. Models designed for surface mounting give you a wide range of options when it comes to placing them in different rooms. If you choose a model with a higher degree of waterproofing, then you can install it in the bathroom without any worries.

When buying ceiling tubes, it is worth paying attention to the choice of bulb, because this type of lighting is friendly to energy-saving solutions. For ceiling tubes will work both the light emitted by classic halogen bulbs and led modules. This type of lighting looks very good in a set. Due to the easy assembly on the ceiling tubes are recommended for small spaces.

Application-controlled lamps

In modern apartments can not miss the lamps controlled by a mobile application on your smartphone. In order to turn on, off or change the light intensity, you can also use voice commands, which is very convenient and relieves the eternal problem of searching for the switch on the wall. Smart ambient lighting offers the ability to change the color of the light, so you can create an extraordinary mood for a party, a movie together or a romantic evening.

Futuristic lamps

Recently the futuristic style has become very popular. If you are looking for original solutions, thanks to which your apartment will stand out from others, this may be the concept for you. Futuristic lamps are characterized by modern design and original forms. Extravagant models add dynamics to the interior, so they are perfect for the center of the living room. If you like bold lighting solutions, check out the forms of lamps referring to celestial bodies moving in orbit or lampshades resembling bunches of grapes. Modern lamps often use materials such as metal, acrylic and wood to create uniquely shaped lampshades.

Led strips

If you’re looking for discreet lighting instead of flashy lamps that will steal the attention of all your guests, be sure to check out led strips and strips. Their advantages include easy installation and compact size, which makes them ideal for small spaces or as spot lighting. The latest models have the ability to control light with a smartphone. A great convenience is that you can cut LED strips to size, so they work well in unusual places. You can place light accents, for example over kitchen cabinets, or use them to decorate walls, alcoves, glass elements, stairs, railings and shelves. Due to their small size, you can integrate them into your living space in such a way that they become unnoticeable.

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