What for interior walls? Solutions and ideas

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How you will finish your interior walls depends on various factors – the type of room, the type of walls and finally the effect you want to achieve.

Before you choose the material

At the very beginning, do not choose the material for the wall, but check what the surface itself is made of and what type it is. This will determine which finishes you can choose from. One requirement is universal for all: the wall surface must be smooth

Also, consider the type of room in particular. Those where the walls would have frequent contact with water or moisture will need a material resistant to it. Therefore, for kitchens and bathrooms it is recommended to choose ceramic tiles or stone. The interior walls must have another, more important function – it is to provide adequate thermal insulation. If you have already thought about these issues, you can begin to choose the material. Remember that interior walls should match the chosen color scheme of the room and the style in which the entire apartment has been arranged


From “ordinary” paint it will be much more practical to use a stain-resistant, waterproof or scrub-resistant paint, especially in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom and in case there are small children in your family.

There are three coating finishes: matt, deep matt and satin. The first one is the most popular due to its ease of application and coverage that will cover slight irregularities in the substrate. If they are much more visible, it is better to opt for a deep matte paint. This will reduce the possibility of streaks, and thanks to the low level of light reflection will make the room look “subdued”

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Paint with a satin sheen is the most decorative; the glow falling on it will make the whole room seem even more illuminated. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to apply and will not cover up wall imperfections, so it is better to leave painting with it to professionals.


You can cover the whole wall or just its part – in a living room it can be an attractive background for a sofa, in a bedroom – decorate the wall by a desk, a bed or just at its head. There are plenty of patterns: floral, graphic, abstract, with animal motifs or imitating brick or stone.

Photo wallpapers have been gaining popularity recently. They will optically enlarge the room, especially those presenting landscapes. Unlike ordinary wallpapers, they give the impression of three-dimensionality and are definitely a more original decoration


Ceramic tiles are recommended for kitchen and bathroom walls because of their high resistance to moisture, water and chemicals – they are very easy to clean

Vinyl ones perfectly imitate stone, brick, ceramics and wood. Their additional advantage is that you can buy very easy to install self-adhesive tiles. However, they should not be used in the bathroom or kitchen unless away from the stove or sink. However, if any member of the household has allergies, they will be perfect.

Mirror glass tiles are also an interesting solution. They will give the illusion of a larger room and brighten it up by reflecting light. High quality ones will not scratch or crack and are easy to keep clean.


Coarse-grained will provide excellent thermal and … acoustic insulation. It will be especially appreciated by city dwellers. You can cover the whole wall with them or cut them to create a chosen pattern, such as honeycomb or mosaic imitation . They will fit perfectly into an apartment decorated in eco style.

Cork does not attract dust, so it is suitable for an apartment or a room for people with allergies. Due to the impregnation of the protective layer it is easy to keep clean and resistant to water, grease and other dirt. Variants in different patterns and colors are available

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