Lighting in a room without windows – which to choose?

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What to do if we have a room in the house without windows? This is quite problematic, but with the right lighting such a room can still be functional. What light to choose? We suggest

Arranging a room without windows and lighting the space

Room without windows is a very difficult space to arrange. Good lighting of such room is essential. Without it we will not be able to use it. It is also worth focusing on the arrangement of the walls.

Landscape or ”artificial window” – does it make sense?

How should the arrangement of a room without windows look like? First of all, it should distract guests from the fact that the room is completely deprived of natural light. Such a space must therefore be impressive.

Photo wallpaper in a room without windows

One solution may be to use a wall mural that will depict a beautiful landscape. It can be a sandy beach, a meadow full of flowers or a mountain landscape. Another option is a wall mural that imitates a window and the world beyond it. Sometimes a wall mural is created from a photo that shows the space just behind the ”dark” wall. This allows us to imagine that we are looking directly into the backyard

Photo wall mural luminaire

When using a wall mural in a room, it is very important to play with light skillfully. After all, we do not want to get a kitschy effect. Above the imitation window, it’s worth placing a real curtain rod with a hidden led tape. It is important that the light had a warm color. It should be very similar to natural lighting. Its power must be strong enough to give satisfactory results

Lighting a room without a window – what is worth knowing?

The idea of a wall mural is not the only way out. We can remain with the traditional painting of walls. However, it is worth using a few tips. Thanks to this, a room without a window will no longer seem gloomy and claustrophobic. With each arrangement, however, you need to pay attention to lighting

Brighten up the room

How to brighten up a room? There are several ways to do it. In addition to many point sources of light, of course, you need to bet on solid lamps

It is also worth removing from the interior all the accents that will make the room seem optically smaller. First of all, we should resign from dark walls. Too many colors on the walls will not look too good either

It should be added, that sources of light can be dispersed not only by using more lamps and wall lamps of less power. We can do a lot with shining spotlights, crystals, cabinet fronts and showcases. Even cotton balls, popular in recent years, will work well in this type of rooms

Glazed doors and mirrors

You should also focus on the temperature of the lighting. Ideally, it should be as close as possible to the one we have to deal with on a sunny day in the morning in a room with windows. We can try to capture and bring some real daylight into the interior

There is a way to do it without forging walls and investing in expensive projects that allow the installation of an additional window. The salvation here may turn out to be glass doors. Of course it may be that the corridor also gets little daylight and then the purchase of a glass door will turn out to be pointless. It is worth taking this into account. A good solution is to use mirrors in the interior, which we want to illuminate. Light is reflected in them, creating an optical illusion.

Glossy cabinet fronts

Besides mirrors and doors our ally in illuminating a dark room may be glossy fronts of furniture. Such cabinets will optically enlarge the room

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