Schedule a renovation – plan it step by step

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Renovation is a chore rather than a pleasure. How to plan it so that it runs smoothly and without problems?

For many people, the very word “renovation” causes a headache. No wonder, it is an expensive and often very problematic investment. Especially in the case of major upgrades. That’s why it’s worth preparing for it properly and planning everything in detail. 

1. Think through – what exactly you want to do

Before we order a renovation team or proceed ourselves, we need to decide what kind of work we want to do. Do we want a general renovation or cosmetic changes (repainting the walls, rearranging or adding furniture, etc.). 

In addition, it’s worth considering whether, once the mess begins, it’s worthwhile to replace the radiators, for example, at the same time, which we planned to do in the near future. The idea is to avoid another renovation in a few months, which will incur additional costs. That’s why it’s so important to set renovation priorities and establish a precise plan of action. 

2. Determine your financial capabilities

Renovation is one thing, and paying for it is another. That’s why, at the outset, we need to determine what budget we have and whether we can cover the cost of all the planned investments. If we don’t have enough money, maybe it’s worth holding off on the investment, for example, until next year, when we will be able to do all the necessary things and additionally, for example, replace already worn-out household appliances? It’s worth sticking to the “once and done” principle. 

3. Determine which room you want to start with

If you are planning to renovate more than one room – determine which will be the first. It’s worth consulting this with your contractors. You may, for example, in the case of replacing floors, the renovation will have to be carried out in several rooms at once. However, you need to discuss this with the professionals in advance to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings. 

4. Buy the things needed for the renovation

If the renovation is carried out by a renovation team, it is necessary to determine whether we buy the adhesives, putty and paint, or whether the professional will take care of everything for us. The latter is certainly more convenient. However, if this duty is ours, you need to ask the professional for a shopping list. 

Furniture or equipment that we plan to replace, it is worth keeping foiled, for example, in the garage, so that during the renovation they are not disturbed or damaged. 

5. Secure the things that remain

If we do not have the opportunity to take furniture and ornaments out of the apartment, then we need to properly protect them, so that they are not, for example, splashed with paint. To do this, it’s a good idea to wrap them in stretch film, which we can buy at any home improvement store. 

6. Take a few deep breaths and get on with the renovation!

Before the renovation team starts work, it is worth preparing for the fact that not everything will go according to plan. Therefore, you need to have a positive attitude and take a few deep breaths!

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