Losses in bathroom tiles – how to fill them?

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Filling, masking or repairing – variously defined as treatments that aim to extend the life of tile coverings. There is no denying that the tiles in the bathroom are usually meant to last for many years and it is best that they maintain their aesthetic value for that time. Over time, however, losses are very common. How to remedy them?

How to repair ceramic tiles?

If we want to save the good look and functionality of ceramic tiles, we should take into account several important factors. First of all, you need to consider how much money you are able to spend on repairs. Then, there is the problem of how advanced the destruction of the cladding is: are we dealing with a serious crack, chipping or just a scratch?

Why do ceramic tiles deteriorate?

By their very nature, ceramic tiles are an extremely durable type of bathroom cladding. As long as they are well placed and not always chasing the latest fashion trends, the durability of e.g. stoneware tiles is very high and they can serve for many years. However, it happens that even in the course of normal use, losses in the form of cracks or splinters appear. They are most visible in the case of bright tiles, but this is not the rule. How to deal with it?

Masking holes in ceramic tiles

Especially in case of bright or smooth surfaces, we may have a problem with very conspicuous holes left after hangers, screws or objects that fell on tiles and damaged them. The best solution would be a general renovation, scraping off the old tiles and laying new ones, but we do not always want to do that or have the time or resources. The best solution then is to use a professional repair kit for tiles

In places exposed to moisture, silicone is often chosen. The difference in the appearance of the repaired area and the surface of the tile can be compensated by using appropriately matched paint or varnish

Repairing bathroom tiles

How else can a tile covering become damaged? It is very common for bathroom tile to peel off. In the case of tiles laid on the floor, it is also very common for the surface layer to wear away, which ultimately has a negative effect not only on the appearance, but also on their absorbency. In this case, you can gently remove the grout and adhesive residue from underneath. Then carefully glue the ceramic back in place. In case you have spare materials, you can replace the damaged elements with new ones.

What to do with chipping of bathroom tiles?

In case of relatively small but disfiguring scratches, we can use varnish or glue. It is recommended to apply the material on the surface of the tile in layers. The point is that such a repair was permanent. What to do if the surface becomes even, but optically the whole will still not look uniform? One of the recommended ways to deal with such cases is to paint the entire surface of the tiles in the same color

What to do when bathroom tiles are marred by unsightly grout?

The basic action in such a case should be a thorough cleaning and, if necessary, filling with a ready preparation. You can use detergents, but very often a paste made of soda and vinegar works very well

Replacing grout with new

Sometimes, however, it is difficult to save the old grout. What then? The easiest way is to remove it when it starts to crack and crumble on its own. For those that are holding up better, special micro sanders, knives and files are used. When working with a micro milling sander, be careful not to damage the surface of the tiles. Before you start to grout the spaces between the tiles again, you should take care to thoroughly vacuum the free spaces. Apply the grout with a rubber float and use a sponge to remove any excess material from the surface

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