A wall in shades of bottle green – elegant and classy

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Bottle green is a color which is still a part of interior trends. Are you dreaming of introducing it to your home or apartment? It does not surprise us at all. Get a little inspiration on this topic!

Bottle green – this color is a real hit!

Dark green – this somewhat mysterious color was once found in the interiors of palaces and luxury residences. It was used for example on furniture upholstery, and in combination with gold or brass accessories it made a really stunning impression. Today bottle green proudly enters our homes and apartments! It is visible not only in the accessories, but also on the walls. One thing is for sure – this unusual color adds an incredible class to every interior! Do you want to try it at home too? 

Greenery in rooms – what does it give us?

The color green is a very desirable color in the rooms. It is well known that it has a relaxing effect and stimulates creativity. Are you looking for a sense of security and want to relax within your own four walls? Then you will definitely be pleased with painting at least one of the walls in your home green. Although dark bottle green is slightly different from light shades, it also gives an amazing effect. 

A wall in shades of bottle green

Dark green can be a strong color accent in subdued interiors and this is how it usually appears. Painting the whole room in this color may be a bit risky, but one wall? It sounds really inviting and gives great arrangement possibilities. A green wall in your living room can make your guests feel very welcome! Another solution is to introduce bottle green into the bedroom, for example, on the wall where the bed stands.

Green wall in the bedroom

This is a solution that many people are opting for. It does not surprise us at all, because greenery in a place like a bedroom is very relaxing and certainly helps to unwind after a hard day. Bottle green in this place will also introduce an atmosphere of sensuality! 

Green wall in the living room

While the bedroom is the place where few people enter, the living room has a more “show” function. That is why a green wall there can be used to expose what we want to show to the world. These can be accessories such as golden picture frames or photos. You can place on it a family gallery full of beautiful moments or shelves with figurines brought from distant travels. It is also worth placing a sofa in a contrasting color.

Dark green and wood make a perfect duet

Wooden parquet, laminate or wood-effect porcelain stoneware are our current flooring of choice. This is another argument in favor of planning a green wall in our home, because wood and this color go together perfectly! This combination creates a natural and harmonious impression, definitely pleasing to the eye. If we add wooden furniture and potted plants, we can create something truly amazing in our home, which will please the eye and make an impression!

Dark green in the bathroom

Because of its association with nature, bottle green has also made its way into bathrooms! It is definitely one of the hot interior trends worth paying attention to. Interior designers very willingly propose this solution, creating in the bathroom an atmosphere of an exclusive jungle. As you can see, this color fits in every corner of the house!

main photo: pexels.com/Danil Lysov

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