Spring home refresh – do it over the weekend!

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Spring is a time of changes. When nature awakens to life outside the window, everyone becomes more motivated to act. Many people also want to refresh the interior of their home. How to do it without a general overhaul and a lot of stress?

Spring refreshment of the apartment is not only about thorough cleaning, although we should start with that. Clean, tidy interiors immediately seem brighter and more spacious, and thus more cozy. And although many people think that they won’t change the arrangement without a paintbrush in their hand, there are many ways to refresh the house without renovation.

Style the arrangement – change the interior with accessories!

Additions are an extremely important part of the arrangement. Pillows, curtains, trinkets on the shelves, scented candles – all these elements create unique atmosphere of the interior, that is why it is worth to think over their choice during each renovation. What is more, additions allow changing the character of the room without spending a fortune on renovation

Choose elements that seem outdated to you. It could be the photo frames you chose for a boho look before it became scandi-inspired or the glamour lamp you would love to replace with a more minimalistic one. At a low cost, you can not only make your apartment look fresh, but also unify the style of the arrangement

Colorful changes

Winter is associated with white, shades of gray and blue, rather cold colors, which in spring seem to overwhelm the arrangement and, by the way, also the occupants of the house. When the first buds appear on the trees and the sun starts to shine more and more strongly, it is worth trying to introduce strong color accents to the interior. Of course, not in a chaotic manner

In the season of spring 2021 shades of sunny yellow will be the most fashionable – both the balanced pastels and juicy neons. This does not mean that you should paint your walls yellow right away. In fact, you may regret it in a few months! However, as we mentioned in the paragraph above, accessories can work wonders. Consider buying yellow pillows, flowers, small Easter decorations. You’re sure to love the cohesiveness of the arrangement you get this way

Floral madness

Is there anything more associated with spring than flowers? Compositions of hyacinths or daffodils are already appearing in DIY stores and small gardening stores. The first spring flowers are usually not difficult to grow, so even without gardening skills you can buy a few bulb arrangements and decorative pots – now all you have to do is remember to water the plants regularly!

Potted flowers have an advantage over cut ones in that they tend to bloom for much longer, bringing a spring feeling indoors. Some of them also give off a very intense scent. So if you dream of refreshing your home a little in spring, flowers can be a way to liven up the arrangement. Do not limit yourself! Combine cut and potted flowers, mix pastels with strong colors and create compositions which will delight your guests

Moments alone

Sometimes refreshing your home can involve completely rearranging your furniture. Perhaps you want to arrange it according to the principles of feng shui? Or you just feel that this living room layout is not the most ergonomic solution? Just a simple move of the sofa to the other end of the room can make the interior seem completely new

And in the wave of remote working, remote teaching and remote living in general, it’s worth taking a moment to carve out space for a special relaxation corner. Just a simple armchair, lots of pillows and blankets, a coffee table and a small bookcase will give you a place to relax alone. And those can be worth their weight in gold, can’t they?

Small renovations – alone or with help?

And if all that doesn’t convince you and you want to grab a paintbrush and paint your living room, think twice about your renovation. Although spring stirs in us a spontaneous string of risk-takers, it would be a shame to waste money and effort on a completely out-of-universe arrangement that will lose its charm after a few months

Besides, if you’re not the DIY type with a passion for interior design, perhaps it’s better to put your interiors in professional hands. You will pay more, but the certainty that everything will be done right is worth it. Why not go out of town for a weekend and let the professionals do the work?

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