Small table for the kitchen – 6 interesting patents

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A small kitchen does not necessarily mean a lack of space for the table. With a simple arrangement you can fit both the necessary household appliances and create a place to eat.

Check out our 6 sure-fire tips for a small kitchen table. Many of them are sure to surprise you!

Folding top table

A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean no table. After all, it is the dining area and it can also be a clever way to expand our workspace. A great alternative to traditional tables is a small table with a folding top.

Thanks to its retractable sides, it takes up much less space. When you want to sit at it, just lift the sides up and lock them. This will create a table for work as well as for eating. You can choose it in an oval or rectangular version, which will significantly increase the space for dining.

Folding table top against the wall

Very small kitchens can also be equipped with a table. If a traditional model won’t fit in this room, you have a solution taken straight from Japanese kitchens – a folding table top mounted to the wall

It has a single leg on which it rests. If you are not using it at the moment, just fold it and tilt the top so that it is parallel to the wall. Get two small backless chairs or hockers to put against the wall. The table top will be enough for two to have breakfast.

Table with storage for chairs and a shelf

A novelty on the kitchen furniture market is an innovative table on wheels with special storage for chairs and a shelf. Thanks to castors mounted in the legs, the table can be easily moved against a wall to gain additional space

Under the table top there is space to hide two small chairs. In one part of the table, the manufacturer also provided space for shelves, where you can store dishes or spices. There are also models without a side shelf, but with drawers under the top, suitable for placing cutlery or napkins. A table like this will definitely give your kitchen more space.

Corner table with shelves under the top

With a small space in the kitchen, you need to make practical use of every corner (literally). The solution will be a corner table, which has shelves or drawers under the top for storage. The top rests on a single leg that supports it

Along the wall, small shelves are tucked under the top. The tabletop itself can be semi-circular or square in shape, fitting perfectly into a small space. Two slip-on chairs with backs or hockers are a perfect match for such a table.

Pull-out table in the kitchen

A very interesting alternative to a traditional table is a table that slides out from under the kitchen worktop. It is worth planning it while arranging our new kitchen. It can serve as a table, but will also prove useful as an eating nook.

It pulls out in the same way as a drawer, but instead of space for storing kitchen utensils it has a very practical top. Thanks to metal rails and appropriate thickness, it can withstand loads in the form of dishes. It is enough to add two stools to it to create a cosy place to drink a cup of morning coffee.

Table as part of an island

Small kitchens are often combined with a living room. This is a good way to optically enlarge the space. Unfortunately, in such a model of kitchen there is not enough space for a table. The solution will be to create a table from the island. Just leave its top unbuilt, so that under it there is enough space for hockers or stools. When you are not using them, just slide them under the top. This will give you a kitchen table and extra workspace.

You can create a similar arrangement if you build the countertop into a space by the window. There, too, limit yourself only to the countertop, without additional cabinets underneath. It will be a great extension of the kitchen.

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