Tumble dryer – is it worth buying?

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Although the laundry hanging up in the living room is a constant sight in many homes, quite a few people are looking for a way to get rid of this unsightly element of everyday life. An alternative is to buy a tumble dryer.

Tumble dryer – when is it worth buying one?

Tumble dryer is an increasingly popular equipment in Polish homes. Many families opt for it when they are expecting a child. The vision of a growing family, and with it a growing mountain of laundry, prompts them to buy a tumble dryer, which is a solution that is not only practical, but also very convenient. But before you decide to buy it, learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of a tumble dryer.

Advantages of tumble dryers

In our opinion (based on several years of use of this equipment), clothes dryers have many advantages. From experience, we can point out the following:

  • reducing the time it takes to wash and dry clothes – thanks to the dryer, you will be able to wash and dry in one day the dirty clothes from a whole week that a family of 4 has collected. This is, of course, strongly dependent on the duration of the selected washing and drying programs, but we know from experience that it is possible;
  • Reduce the humidity level in the house – when drying, the water from the clothes is drained straight into the drain or into a special container. It does not evaporate and thus does not cause dampness in the apartment;
  • clothes are soft – clothes dried in the tumble dryer are extremely pleasant to the touch. Soft towels, fluffy bathrobes and sweaters will be like new again! 
  • Most clothes do not need to be ironed – T-shirts, jeans, cotton dresses, if taken out of the tumble dryer immediately after the program, will be smooth and there will be no need to iron them;
  • clothes are free of lint and pet hair – this advantage will be especially appreciated by animal lovers. Clothes are stripped of all lint, fuzz and pet hair while drying in the tumble dryer. The tumble dryer is so effective in this regard that even black cat clothes look perfect.

Disadvantages of tumble dryers

Tumble dryers, in addition to their many advantages, have several disadvantages. Among the most common ones mentioned by users are:

  • shrinking of clothes – drying clothes at too high a temperature can lead to shrinking. To avoid this, always choose a program designed for the type of clothes;
  • faster deterioration of clothes – clothes collide with each other while rotating in the tumble dryer, which leads to faster deterioration. The introduction of appropriate segregation of dried clothes (thick, heavy materials such as jeans, for example, do not dry together with delicate satin or viscose) will significantly minimize this negative effect;
  • heating of the room where the dryer stands – this can be especially troublesome in the summer if you set the dryer in the bathroom. 

Tumble dryer or washer-dryer? Which is better to choose?

Wondering whether it’s better to choose a washer-dryer or a dryer and a washing machine as two separate appliances? If only space in your home allows, we strongly recommend the latter option, as the washer-dryer is a less economical appliance to use. It also has fewer drying programs, which can be a hassle in the long run.

main photo: pixabay.com/Ptschinz

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