In a small bathroom – shower or bathtub?

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You have a small bathroom and are wondering what to choose – a bathtub or a shower? Both solutions have their pros and cons. We will tell you what works better in a small room, and which solution is more economical.

Shower or bathtub?

Let’s start with a bathtub – undoubtedly its advantage is that it gives comfort. You can relax in it, lying for a long time in the bath. In addition, it works well when there are children and pets at home. With the right bathtub you can create a spa like living room. There are currently several models available, e.g. with hydromassage.

However, bathtubs also have their drawbacks: they take up a lot of space and also contribute to splashing water on the floor, especially during children’s games.

Now let’s look at the shower. With a shower, you save time, which in the morning, before going to work, is worth its weight in gold. Importantly, a shower tray takes up much less space than a bathtub. You can choose an option with a deeper or completely flat shower tray, and even with a linear drain.

The choice of shower enclosure depends on the arrangement of the bathroom, also it does not take up a significant amount of space. The shower can also be equipped with a hydromassage. A shower tray, especially a flat one, will be a perfect solution for old and sick people.

Small bathroom – big choices

In a small bathroom, a shower will work better, a bathtub will always take up more space. To relax comfortably in the bathtub, you should install a model with a length of at least 140 cm. In addition, in order not to splash water, you need to invest in a cover. There are two options – a curtain or sliding glass. One looks not very aesthetic, and the second is expensive to install. A shower as a whole, i.e. a shower tray plus a cabin – will be cheaper than a bathtub with a casing.

A recently popular solution, i.e. walk-in and linear drain, allows you to save space. You can buy a cabin, which folds flat against the wall after bathing. Then the water that is left after the shower, we collect with a special brush to the drain, so you can gain additional space in the bathroom. It is good to lining everything with the same tiles, so that the space does not stand out at all.

What is more economical?

In addition to practical and aesthetic considerations, economic aspects are also extremely important. Especially since completely finishing or renovating a bathroom costs at least 10 thousand zlotys.

So if you have a limited budget, it is worth choosing something that will allow you to save a few pennies.

Also in this case, a shower tray will work better. When you fill the bathtub even halfway, you will use more water than during a few minutes of showering. So this is definitely an option for people who care about the environment. To intensify this effect, you can invest in a modern rain shower. This type of mixer allows you to limit the water flow per minute, without losing comfort while showering.

This is an interesting solution that will work in every bathroom, even in the one you don’t have to save on.

Bathroom compromise

It is very hard to come to a compromise, especially when you are arranging a shared apartment on your own.

If you have enough space and spare funds – bet on a bathtub with a glass screen. This will take care of the floor, and if you add a modern rain shower – your bath will be very economical. There will also be a place for people who love to relax in water. In this way, you will satisfy each of the household members.

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