Boho style living room – must have decorations

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After selecting the style in which we will arrange the interior, it is time to choose the colors and equipment. Work on the interior will end with the selection of decorations, which will clearly determine the nature of the arrangement

Addition of warmth

Boho style enjoys unchanging popularity. It is associated with freedom, nature and warmth. The combination of earthy browns and creamy whites, as well as light textures woven with those found in nature allows you to create interiors you want to stay in.

Below are some decorative items that are a must have in a boho living room.


Handmade braids have been gaining popularity for some time now. Macramé in Arabic means “braided decoration” – and there is probably no better description for this decoration. The strings are braided on a base, usually a wooden stick, and can be of any length, width, shape, color or even thickness, depending on the type of braid.

You can buy them at decor stores (online catalogs almost always describe them as “boho style macramé,” making it easy to search), but you can also take your time and find braiding fans on social media who will weave for you the decoration of your dreams for a slightly higher price. Not only do you get to make sure that tradition is fulfilled – macramé is a handicraft art – but you also get to support someone else’s passion!

Dream catchers

Before macramé became popular, the most common boho decoration pattern was the dream catcher. According to the belief of some Indian tribes of North America amulet was to protect against nightmares, letting home only good dreams.

Today, the original magical property of the dream catcher is forgotten and new abilities are attributed to it, such as “catching” luck and prosperity. Regardless of the belief in its supernatural powers, the round feather amulet makes a striking addition to a wall or window. A small feather catcher can also be hung under the room’s central lamp – if the lamp is not hanging too low

Plants, plants and more plants

Boho style is all about lightness and naturalness, and what could be more natural than live plants?

The presence of green accents makes everyone want to be in such a room. Plants improve our mood, and while the belief in their ability to purify the air is a bit exaggerated, the mere presence of flowers in pots with soil helps keep the air moist

Opt for herbaceous plants, sansewerries and yucca, and of the hanging ones, sticklebacks – they are low-maintenance and their leaves are large, dense and intensely green, making them an effective way to liven up your interior.

If you cannot afford larger potted plants, a good alternative are succulents in glass containers, set on tables, cabinets and windowsills in the room.

Braids, tassels, clay

This decoration, in a way, connects with the previous point. Plants need pots and pots need covers. The covers, in turn, can be freely adjusted to the decor of the room. Woven ones – made of wicker, seagrass or banana fibres – will look good in a boho style interior. Or you can again use the services of macramé makers and order a string braid, which you will put on the pot.

In case you don’t want any additional patterns on your pots, pot covers in muted colors will also do the trick. Earthy colors are best. Using clay pots can also be a natural accent – you can make them yourself and use the unevenness as a sign of uniqueness!

Beads and feathers

Lightness of style is accentuated by feathers, either as an additional garland or as a pattern in a wall painting. And to decorate your furniture, invest in pillows or pillowcases that have colorful beads and patterns on them. This will add a slightly more casual, vibrant and inviting look to the furniture – which is what boho is all about!

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