Cheap spring living room decorations – review

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This year’s Pantone choice is causing quite a sensation. The combination of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey has become a real hit in the interior design industry. This energetic duo, which only on the surface seems to be incompatible, is almost like interpenetrating Yin and Yang, which perfectly find themselves in any arrangement

Spring time encourages changes and tidying up. Using both colors to create completely new arrangements or to refresh the existing ones does not have to be expensive – it is efficiency that counts. We have prepared several examples of how to cheaply and creatively refresh the arrangement for spring with the Pantone 2021 colors

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey – perfect duet

It would seem that energetic yellow combined with subdued gray will not go together. Pantone’s choice proves, how appearances can be deceiving. Especially as important in the combination of these two shades is their symbolism, perfectly matching the current times

Illuminating Yellow will bring warmth, enthusiasm, optimism, even sunny glow to the interior, reminding of spring sunshine or the hottest summer vacations. Joy which best motivates to action. Ultimate Grey, on the other hand, brings what supports the soul, namely composure, calmness, harmony and constancy. These two colors intertwine in the arrangement of symbolism and their shades, will allow you to maintain balance, reminding what is most important in life to maintain the internal and external balance

Color of the year 2021 according to Pantone – arrangements

Using both shades in interiors can be done in many ways. Everything depends on creativity and… financial possibilities. What’s important, we don’t have to change the whole interior design to get an interesting effect. Both Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey can be easily used to refresh already finished arrangements, for example as:

  • textiles,
  • accessories,
  • paintings,
  • carpets,
  • furniture,
  • wallpaper,
  • candles.

The combination of both colors will work perfectly, both in the living room and dining room. Interestingly, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey will even find their way into a child’s room. Subdued gray used on the walls will add peace and will not distract the child, and broken with yellow accessories will emphasize energy and childish joy

In addition, yellow symbolizes the realization of dreams, thus encouraging the child to self-realization. As already mentioned Pantone’s choice is a real shot in the arm for this year’s interior design

Cheap spring interior designs – examples

Living room – a place of rest, meetings with family or friends. The most representative of the rooms. If we want to renew its arrangement, thanks to accessories in the style of Pantone 2021 colors, it is enough to buy a few textiles, which will immediately change the interior. Soft cushions in Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey colors will look impressive on the sofa in almost any color. Their price does not exceed 100-150 PLN. They will look best in rooms painted in white, gray, and even in shades of brown or green

From accessories, we also recommend pictures or photo frames, which will give a sunny glow to walls and bookshelves. They cost between 5 and 45 PLN depending on the store. If you like your own do-it-yourself decoupaged accessories, go for them. A soft rug in Illuminating Grey will liven up any living room. Such accessories go well with a wooden or glass coffee table

The cost of a carpet is about 150-200 PLN, depending on its size and producer. Additionally, if we are lovers of having all kinds of bowls, dishes, saucepans, or glasses – the tableware in Pantone 2021 colors will surely stand out. To emphasize the atmosphere will be great as additions of all kinds of candles in colors of bright yellow and subdued gray, which we can buy in almost every store for a few cents (tealights) to a few tens of zlotys (candles in glass jars), or even make them yourself. What counts above all is creativity and a well-planned budget

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